Sweet Cheese

Sweet Cheese
"Nikki designed this suit when she was eating cheese", Momo think so.

Sweet Cheese IG

Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hidden Suit
Color(s): White/Yellow/Black
Obtained by: Log in every day during the 15th month.

Sweet Cheese is a Monthly Sign-In set given to the player during their 15th month logging in to Love Nikki. It does not have an official completion award as it is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

Wardrobe Edit

Lore Edit

As Nikki starts to design recently, Momo also starts to make fun of every part she designs.
Cheese Roll

'About the coat, the banana color is good.' 'Good. But the banana is mine.'
Cozy Coat

'Momo, what do you think of the design?' 'I think the star is interesting.'
An Ornament

'A great designer once said great pants must have its own belt!' 'Momo. Who's that designer?'
Design Standard

'How do you put on shoes like that?' 'Momo. Why not try it yourself?'
Thin Shoelace

'The belt looks like has been bitten by a mouse. A designer mouse of course.'
Sweet Cheese

Trivia Edit

  • The bag shown in the promotional picture does not appear in the wardrobe.

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