Surprise Invitation

Ran from January 24th to January 30th, 2020.

At the party held in the theatre, actors in masks stage a great show, their smile shining like warm candlelight. During the event, all stages drop Wish Candles. Make Wishes to win gorgeous sets.

Complete Journey stages to collect Wish Candles Wish Candles Currency. Use the Wish Candles Currency to obtain Wishes. Each Wish requires 2 Wish Candles Currency. You will be given 5 free chances to rotate the music box per day and can buy more for 24 Diamond each. Collecting a certain amount of rotations will allow you to obtain parts of the Blessed Time and Dancing Heart suits.

Collection RewardsEdit

# CollectedReward
5Pure Memory
2000 Gold
15Gentle Pace
10 Stamina
25Beautiful Wish
3 Starlight Coin
36Memory Back
5000 Gold
42Shining Courage
15 Stamina
48Blessing Around
54Time Transformation
10000 Gold
60Sunny Yearning
20 Stamina
66Ball of Youth
8 Starlight Coin
72Angel's Blessing
15000 Gold
78Crystal Shoes of Wishes
30 Stamina
84Elegant Inscription
10 Starlight Coin
90Girl's Dream
10 Diamond
96Stage Spotlight
20000 Gold
106Beauty Bloom
50 Stamina
116Perfect Reflection
15 Starlight Coin
126Banquet Star
50000 Gold
136Step of Growth
80 Stamina
146Maiden Makeup
20 Starlight Coin
158Custom Curve
50000 Gold
170High Hell Temptation
30 Diamond


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