Template:SwitchSurprise is a Troupe suit that appeared in the Magic Box Event.

Completion Prize: Styling Gift Box containing Magic Moment, Impressive Debut, White Pigeon and Rose, Marvel Secret Box and 30 Diamond.png.


Alternate Series (Pose)


Do you still want to be a magician?' Her master said. 'Don't cry, the best magic is to make people smile.'
Creating Dream

The audience from three years ago is now in the spotlight. When the rose became a pigeon, it's like a miracle.
Magic Miracle

The cards seemed to flutter in her hands. People applauded. But the cards fell to the ground!

She worked so hard, but always fell pleased. She never can conjure the things she wants!
Skills Comes from Pratice

To create miracles is her reason for learning magic. But those miracles all failed and became jokes.
Bumping Road

The magician took off her hat to pay tribute. The audience applauded and laughed and the magician felt proud.
World in the Hat

She gave the audience wonderful dreams. What's in the box? Perhaps it's just the sincerity of the magician.
Swaying Dream

Wearing the necklace her master gave her, fearing no gossips, she became determined.
Rose and Red Heart

She was encouraged to perform her own magic tricks. Everything is possible in the magic box.
Magical Key

The audience suddenly became silent. The cards fell to the ground and became a pigeon!
Turing Stone into Gold

The audience laughed. She always surprised and amused them with her cute fumble.
Sweet Trap

There is no performer on the stage, only a box. Is she still preparing? The audience can't wait any longer.
Magic Moment

'Bang', the box opened. It turned out to be... Nothing? The lights went off and the little magician appeared!
Impressive Debut

A kid was frightened. The magician comforted him. A white bird brings a rose to him as a gift.
White Pigeon and Rose

This magic box appears randomly in the performance. There are many surprising things hidden in the magic box.
Marvel Secret Box



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