Sunward Journey

Ran from July 22nd to August 4th, 2019.

The sun-chasing flower, is the infinite source of inspiration.

Complete Journey stages to collect Sunflowers Sunflower EC. After collecting certain amounts of sunflowers, you will be able to gain parts of the Sunward Maiden suit.

Collection RewardsEdit

Sunflowers Reward
185 Sunflower EC Sunflower Wind
370 Sunflower EC Track of Warmth
690 Sunflower EC Heidi's Sunshine
Silent Breath
965 Sunflower EC Silent Flower Rain
1240 Sunflower EC Pistill in Sunshine
1700 Sunflower EC Sunward Maiden
Radiant Gift
2150 Sunflower EC Sunny Smile in Painting
2450 Sunflower EC Sunlight Weaver
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