Summer Freshness
Summer Freshness
When spreading the leaflets, Nikki met Kimi passing by. Kimi gave this suncreen gauze to Nikki.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hidden Suit
Color(s): Pink/White/Blue
Obtained by: Log in every day during the 18th month.

Summer Freshness is a Monthly Sign-In set given to the player during their 18th month logging in to Love Nikki. The suit does not appear in the gallery and does not grant a completion prize, making it a Hidden Suit.

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In the hot summer, a new ice cream store called Summer Fresh opens in Apple.
August Sunshine

When spreading the leaflets, Nikki met Kimi passing by. Kimi gave this sunscreen gauze to Nikki.
Summer Freshness

On the rich vanilla cream, there are star chocolates. Toto bought two!
Snow Taro Planet

The hottest item in the shop is the Dream Marshmallow. Strawberry, mint, and the soft marshmallow!
Fantasy Marshmallow

The chocolate cream on the vanilla ice cream forms a frost. It's Aron's favorite.
Crispy Blueberry

If you think the ice cream is too sweet, try the peach smoothie.
Peach Smoothie

Every customer that buys an ice cream will get a macaron for free.
Sweet Macaron

The set describes an ice-cream shop called Summer Fresh that opens in the Apple Federation. You can order peach smoothies, vanilla ice cream, or a variety called Dream Marshmallow, and you receive a free macaron for buying ice cream. Nikki worked to promote the shop by spreading leaflets, and Kimi gave her sunscreen. Aron and Toto also visited the shop to buy ice cream.


  • When the suit was first put into the game, the parts of the suit were listed as "Apple-Summer Freshness" and the suit would pop up as you gain each piece, but Summer Freshness did not exist in the Gallery. This glitch has since been fixed.
  • The hat shown in the picture, Sweet Macaron, is not given in the monthly sign-in. The hat was previously listed under "Apple-Summer Freshness" in the wardrobe like the other parts of the suit were. It was originally available in a 1 USD Sale and may later return for crafting.
  • The bracelet shown in the picture is also not available through the monthly sign-in.
  • According to the Facebook post announcing this suit, it is the 17th monthly log in suit, but in fact it is the 18th.

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