Summer Dusk is a hidden suit that could be obtained via mail from June 25th to August 3rd, 2019.

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At summer night, people gather beside the luxuriant lake, preparing to celebrate the annual festival.
Summer Dusk

The rustle of the pine tree forest is like the whisper of lovers. All is ready.
Earth Whisper

With the breeze on the grass, a girl comes to the campfire and joins the ritual dance.
Breeze Beside Lake

As the girl dances, the flower patterns on her dress fly and fall into people's hand to become fruits.
Bounty of Harvest

People praise the Goddess for the promising oracle as the girl holding the torch go on spreading the blessing.
Praise Song

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The suit is about a girl who attends an annual summer festival by a lake. She carries a torch and dances around the campfire, and it's said that the flower patterns on her dress become fruits in people's hands.

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  • The letter in the mailbox read,
*Pop* *Crackle* *Pop!*

A girl with a torch in her hand joins the dance of summer night. What kind of starry sky will she paint with her torch?

Mo Mo

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