The Summer has come and the tour of December Troupe has started. The concert Summer of Star City starred by Stacy is going on.
— Event text

The Summer Color Date event ran from July 13th to 22nd, 2018.

How to Play Edit

Players were shown two outfits and a styling theme. Choose the outfit that would score better for the theme to gain Ice Cream (Ice Cream).

Exchange the Ice Cream for pieces of the Summer Color and Dream of Star City suits. 5 Ice Cream were rewarded for choosing correctly and 3 Ice Cream were given for choosing the wrong outfit.

10 free attempts were given every day and more attempts could be bought for 20 Diamond each.


Summer ColorEdit

Total Cost: 306 Ice Cream

Dream of Star CityEdit

Total Cost: 365 Ice Cream


Scores were based on attributes.

Seaside TripEdit

Simple Lively Cute Sexy Cool

Suburb OutingEdit

Cute Pure Cool

Warm WinterEdit

Simple Lively Cute Pure Warm

Elegant LadyEdit

Simple Elegant Mature Sexy Cool

Wine Party QueenEdit

Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Cool
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