Sugar Chestnut is an Apple suit that could be obtained from logging in every day from October 25th to November 14th, 2018. It can now be bought in the Clothes Store.

Completion Prize: 30 Diamond.png.

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Wardrobe[edit | edit source]

Lore[edit | edit source]

This way of plaiting is the best in fall and winter because in this way, long hair won't be twined in a scarf.
Plaits in Late Fall

There are leaves and chestnuts on the neckline of this woolen overcoat. Maybe people want roasted chestnuts when it gets cold.
Golden Autumn

The mori style high waist blouse has long sleeves. The embroideries of leaves and chestnuts are very delicate.
Leaf and Chestnut

The buttons on the side of the thick ankle-length pants are like chestnuts falling off a tree but chestnut is not like this.
Free Fall

Warm and comfortable high waist stockings are great partners of ankle-length pants.
Grey High Waist Socks

Goat skin boots are soft and comfortable, but take care when you clean and store them. They are easy to be out of shape.
Chestnut Goat Skin Boots

Both a warm and lovely woolen hat and the chestnuts sold in front of school are irreplaceable in late fall.
Chestnut Wool

Although black and white will never get old for fashion, but the glass frame was too heavy to escape the destiny of replacement.
Black and White Frame

When the golden autumn leaves fell on the grey scarf, they became the most conspicuous parts in this look.
Autumn Maple Scarf

The old man selling chestnuts at the school gate only appeared in autumn and winter. That's the sweetest flavor in memory.

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