Sue is a character in Love Nikki. He is a man from the Cloud Empire, and Lunar's uncle.

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Personality Edit

Sue is a playful man. He is good at strategy games like Weiqi, but is not good at playing the Guqin.[1] He prays at the Tower of Zen, implying he is also religious.[2]

History Edit

Sue is single because of a promise he made once.[2] It is unknown who the promise is to.

Year 670 Edit

In this year, Sue went to the Tower of Zen and found a blue bird in his bag. After Lunar beat him in a styling battle, he gave it to her and explained that it was a symbol of good luck in Cloud, since the Blue Bird would spend its entire life looking for the Fire Phoenix.[2]

Lunar also expressed her dream of becoming a designer to Sue, and he had good things to say about her designs. He thought so highly of her potential that he could easily envision her traveling around the world all the time to further her career.[1]

Year 675 Edit

During this year, Lunar served as Chief Designer for Cloud City, and faced an entire army of North soldiers. Though Sue recognized her skill and bravery, he viewed that move as reckless.[3]

Year 680 Edit

When Lunar expressed worry that her love Louie had found somebody else, Sue reassured her, telling her that the Blue Bird would be loyal to love and would only follow those who were also loyal. He told her that even if things didn't work out, love would still live in her heart.[4]

During this year, Lunar decided to leave Cloud to pursue her dream as a designer, and Sue encouraged her and told her she had his full support. He also told her about the arrival of Nikki, which he had heard about from the Star Seer.[4]

After North forces threatened Cloud City again, Sue warned Lunar, remembering the events from five years before and believing it to be too dangerous.[3] However, he recognized she was an adult and could make her own decisions, and told her that a truly great hero served their nation and people.[5]

Relationships Edit

Lunar Edit

Sue cared a great deal for his niece Lunar, and when she was a child they spent time together playing Go, though Sue almost always won.[1] He has always been a strong supporter of her dream of becoming a designer.[1][4]

References Edit

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