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Located in the top-left building on the starting map, the Stylist's Arena is where you directly compete head-to-head in a one-on-one styling battle against other players, based on a theme. It gets unlocked after completing Stage V1: 2-5 Lisa's Casual Clothes (Maiden). Each Arena Season will last a week.

This is the primary source of Starlight Coins: Starlight Coin, which are used to buy crafting recipes or color dye. You gain three per loss and five per win.

There are also tiers to reach as you gain more points in the arena. Each win gives you points and each loss loses points. The amount you gain or lose is based off the opponent's points. Additional Starlight Coin are earned based on your Stylist Grade and rank.

Stylist Grade[]

This is awarded based on your wins. Each win will earn you a star. There are 5 grades in total and you'll need to get 5 stars in your current grade before unlocking the next grade. The higher the grade you're in, the tougher the opponents tend to be. After each season, you'll get diamonds, gold, and starlight coins according to your grade.

You can lose points, but will not go down an entire rank until the Arena Season is over.



Association Store-0.png
Stylist Grade Diamonds Gold Starlight Coin
Intern Stylist 1-star 5 1500 5
Intern Stylist 2-star 5 1500 8
Intern Stylist 3-star 5 1500 10
Intern Stylist 4-star 5 1500 12
Intern Stylist 5-star 5 1500 15
Assistant Stylist 1-star 10 3000 20
Assistant Stylist 2-star 10 3000 25
Assistant Stylist 3-star 10 3000 30
Assistant Stylist 4-star 10 3000 35
Assistant Stylist 5-star 10 3000 40
Senior Stylist 1-star 20 5000 50
Senior Stylist 2-star 20 5000 55
Senior Stylist 3-star 20 5000 60
Senior Stylist 4-star 20 5000 65
Senior Stylist 5-star 20 5000 70
Expert Stylist Counsellor 1-star 35 8000 80
Expert Stylist Counsellor 2-star 35 8000 85
Expert Stylist Counsellor 3-star 35 8000 90
Expert Stylist Counsellor 4-star 35 8000 95
Expert Stylist Counsellor 5-star 35 8000 100
Queen of Stylist 1-star 50 10000 110
Queen of Stylist 2-star 50 10000 115
Queen of Stylist 3-star 50 10000 120
Queen of Stylist 4-star 50 10000 125
Queen of Stylist 5-star 50 10000 130

Ranking Rewards[]

After each season, the top 20 players will obtain extra rewards.

Stylist Grade Diamonds Gold Starlight Coin
No. 1 400 50,000 500
No. 2 350 45,000 450
No. 3 300 40,000 400
No. 4 280 37,500 375
No. 5 250 35,000 350
No. 6 240 34,000 340
No. 7 230 33,000 330
No. 8 220 32,000 320
No. 9 210 31,000 310
No. 10 200 30,000 300
No. 11 190 29,000 295
No. 12 180 28,000 290
No. 13 170 27,000 285
No. 14 160 26,000 280
No. 15 150 25,000 275
No. 16 140 24,000 270
No. 17 130 23,000 265
No. 18 120 22,000 260
No. 19 110 21,000 255
No. 20 100 20,000 250


There are a few different themes that players will encounter. Some themes will not show up until you reach a higher rank.

Intern Translator (previously called Delicate Beauty)[]

French: Délicate Beauté

To show Professionalism, simple and elegant outfit is very important.

C'est une belle femme, douce et délicate.

  • Main Attributes: Simple.png Elegant.png Pure.png
  • Side Attributes: Cool.png Cute.png

Christmas Reunion[]

French: Réunion de Noël

In such a big festival, wear your simple and warm clothes to enjoy reunion!

Amis et famille se réunissent et portent un toast!

  • Main Attributes: Simple.png Pure.png Warm.png
  • Side Attributes: Cute.png Lively.png

Golden Odeum[]

French: Odeum d'Or

Such a concert deserves your most shiny, graceful dress.

Nikki est invité au concert de piano dans l'Odeum d'Or.

  • Main Attributes: Elegant.png Mature.png Gorgeous.png
  • Side Attributes: Sexy.png Warm.png

Summer Story[]

French: Histoire d'Été

The simple cool outfit is a must-have in this hot summer!

L'été à Miraland est suffisamment chaud pour tout faire fondre.

  • Main Attributes: Simple.png Elegant.png Cool.png
  • Side Attributes: Pure.png Cute.png

Fairytale Garden[]

French: Jardin des Fées

You feel like entering an elegant and cute dreamland in the garden.

C'est seulement en gardant une éternelle innocence que l'on peut rester jeune pour toujours

  • Main Attributes: Gorgeous.png Elegant.png Cute.png
  • Side Attributes: Pure.png Cool.png

Imperial Ball[]

French: Bal Impérial

In this grand ceremony, gorgeous and graceful dress will make you sexy!

La Reine Elle du Royaume des Pigeons invite Nikki à son bal impérial!

  • Main Attributes: Gorgeous.png Elegant.png Sexy.png
  • Side Attributes: Mature.png Warm.png

Beach Party[]

French: Fête de Plage

Cool sassy bikini is perfect for a beach party.

Nikki va à la fête de la plage du Monthiver pour passer un bon moment!

  • Main Attributes: Cute.png Sexy.png Cool.png
  • Side Attributes: Lively.png Simple.png

Office Star[]

French: Bureau Étoile

Will the mature elegant white collar be your ideal job?

Elle a suivi Vivi à la Fédération Pommière pour devenir une femme de bureau.

  • Main Attributes: Simple.png Elegant.png Mature.png
  • Side Attributes: Sexy.png Cool.png

A Growing Lady[]

French: Une Dame Brilliante

The pure elegant maid is just like a bud before bloom.

Une dame plutôt mature est délicate si elle possède à la fois la jeunesse et l'élégance.

  • Main Attributes: Elegant.png Mature.png Pure.png
  • Side Attributes: Warm.png Simple.png

Fire in the Winter[]

French: Feu d'Hiver

In the cold North Kingdom, we also need hot and lively garments!

Même dans le froid du Royaume du Nord, nous ne pourrons pas nous arrêter à rechercher un style magnifique!

  • Main Attributes: Lively.png Sexy.png Warm.png
  • Side Attributes: Cute.png Gorgeous.png

Great Detective[]

French: Grand Détective

The simple detective dress always reminds one of the elegance of Baker Street.

Les rues du Royaume des Pigeons me rappelle la Rue du Boulanger.

  • Main Attributes: Simple.png Elegant.png Mature.png
  • Side Attributes: Pure.png Warm.png

Ongoing Sports[]

French: Sports en Cours

Wear your cool lively jersey for sports!

Aron a du convaincre Nikki pour assister Marathon de Lilith. Préparez vos vêtements!

  • Main Attributes: Lively.png Cool.png Pure.png
  • Side Attributes: Simple.png Cute.png

Where Is Spring[]

French: À la Recherche du Printemps

In this lively season, cute pure clothing is perfect for an outing.

Bobo invite Nikki à Lilith Park pour une ballade de printemps

  • Main Attributes: Lively.png Cute.png Pure.png
  • Side Attributes: Cool.png Simple.png

The Queen[]

French: La Reine

Grace and maturity is the way of Iron Queen.

Appelle moi,la Reine!!!' 'Penses-tu être la Reine du get et du sang ?!'

  • Main Attributes: Elegant.png Mature.png Sexy.png
  • Side Attributes: Gorgeous.png Cool.png

Cloud Lady (previously called Peerless Beauty)[]

French: Beauté Inégalée

Cloud girl is well known for their elegance and purity.

La beauté sans pareil est surpasse toutes les fleurs.

  • Main Attributes: Gorgeous.png Elegant.png Pure.png
  • Side Attributes: Mature.png Warm.png

Spring Outing[]

French: Sortie de Printemps

Our lovely Timi invites Nikki to a vivid spring outing!

Timi a invité Nikki pour la ballade de printemps organisé par sa classe.

  • Main Attributes: Simple.png Lively.png Cute.png
  • Side Attributes: Pure.png Cool.png

Summer Party[]

French: Fête d l'été

The simple, pure dress is key to a cool party in summer!

Pour profiter de l'été à Miraland, des vêtements simple suffisent.

  • Main Attributes: Simple.png Pure.png Cool.png
  • Side Attributes: Lively.png Cute.png


  • There is an easter egg in the Stylist's Arena, an account called "luckbaby" which has 100% collection but which you can always beat.[1]

Stylist Arena Suits[]

Four suits were created based on the stylist grades:

  1. Intern Stylist: Ballad for Adeline
  2. Senior Stylist: Sunny's Windowsill
  3. Expert Stylist: Prime
  4. Queen of Stylist: Starlight Psalm

There was no suit based on Assistant Stylist.