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Styling battles in Love Nikki are used as a way to resolve issues, give styling advice, and get to know someone. Most interactions seem to feature a styling battle, whether with friend or foe.

History Edit

Everybody in Miraland is born with a curse known as the Blood Curse. The Blood Curse means that those who use force will suffer unbearable pain. Thus, the people of Miraland decided to use styling battles to settle their disputes peacefully. Styling battles helped to ensure the peace of Miraland for many years.[1]

During the Nine-Day War, King Sayet's three treasures were earned by winning styling battles. Queen Elle and Hostess L were the two winning stylists, and they were the ones that earned the treasures.[2]

In V1: Chapter 15 Besieging Of The Cloud City, Nidhogg kills Lunar using deadly force by stabbing her through the stomach instead of battling her using styling. This causes him to experience pain due to the Blood Curse.[3]

Nidhogg reveals that he believes the styling battles are a false peace, and that they have lost their freedom to choose. Bobo argues with him, asking him if he truly felt that his early victories at the Designer's Tea Party were false.[4]

Nikki challenges Nidhogg to a styling battle, believing he is weakened due to the Blood Curse. However, he uses a skill called Dark Verdict that lowers her score. Only with the assistance of the Dawnblade can she finally beat him.[4]

Usage of Styling Battles Edit

  • Styling battles can be used to gain entry somewhere, such as the Flower Field.
  • It can be used to give advice on how to dress for a friend.
  • Battles can be used to resolve disagreements, with the winner getting the final say.
  • Styling is used to show off designs, especially at the Designer's Tea Party.
  • Contestants of the Fantasy Styling Contest can use it to win the title of Imperial Stylist.

Trivia Edit

  • The characters are aware of the scores in the story.
    • This is demonstrated in V1: 15-9 Compete with Nidhogg, when Cali says "If I'm right, Dark Verdict is the sword attached to Nidhogg's waist! This skill can lower the opponent's score to less than ten thousand!"
    • During Yvette's styling battle with the North Kingdom guard in her dreamland path Time Magic, it's said that the magic staff from her mom gave her high scores in the last two attributes of the styling battle.

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