Stripe Gentleman is an Apple suit that can be obtained through crafting.

Completion Prize: 30 Diamonds.

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Item Descriptions

Earl coffee with mellow milk tea. Lean on the deck chair and have a nice afternoon.
Coffee Milk Tea

Highly customized suit jacket, demonstrating the unique taste of its designer with the silver strips.
Stripe Gentleman-Jacket

A high-class shirt made out of brocade silk. The bright colors easily attract the attention of bystanders.
Silk Shirt

Trousers created by a top designer, with excellent style and sufficient materials.
Stripe Gentleman-Pants

A pair of brown Bloch shoes[1], with less sharpness yet more humility.
Gentleman of Bloch


The descriptions simply describe a well-made, classic suit and brown Bloch shoes. The hair describes Yuenyeung or coffee with tea, a popular beverage from Hong Kong.


[1] Bloch shoes are a type of pointe shoe intended for dancing.


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