Story Suits are a collection of suits typically obtained from events that happen a couple of months apart. The suits are usually obtained from a hell event and have stories that go with them.

The only exception is Four Seasons, which is a permanent pavilion in the Time Yard room of the Mystery House.

List[edit | edit source]

Night's Shore[edit | edit source]

Night's Shore.png

Light in Mirror[edit | edit source]

Light in Mirror Story Suits.png

Arcane Astrolabe[edit | edit source]

Arcane Astrolabe.png

Garden of Spiral Staircase[edit | edit source]

Garden of Spiral Staircase.png

Universe Tide[edit | edit source]

Universe Tide.png

Cloud Realm[edit | edit source]

Cloud Realm Story Suit.png

Mountains and Seas[edit | edit source]

Mountains and Seas Story Suit.png

Old Album[edit | edit source]

Old Album.png

Art of War[edit | edit source]

Art of War.png

Blood Moon[edit | edit source]

Blood Moon.png

Ghost Gathering[edit | edit source]

Ghost Gathering.png

Flow of Time[edit | edit source]

Flow of Time.png

Evernight's Dream[edit | edit source]

Evernight's Dream.png

Caelum et Ocean[edit | edit source]

Caelum et Ocean.png

Four Seasons[edit | edit source]

Four Seasons.png

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