Story Suits are a collection of suits typically obtained from events that happen a couple of months apart. The suits are usually obtained from a hell event and have stories that go with them.

The only exception is Four Seasons, which is a permanent pavilion in the Time Yard room of the Mystery House.


Garden of Spiral StaircaseEdit

Garden of Spiral Staircase

Universe TideEdit

Universe Tide

Cloud RealmEdit

Cloud Realm Story Suit

Mountains and SeasEdit

Mountains and Seas Story Suit

Old AlbumEdit

Old Album

Art of WarEdit

Art of War

Blood MoonEdit

Blood Moon

Ghost GatheringEdit

Ghost Gathering

Flow of TimeEdit

Flow of Time

Evernight's DreamEdit

Evernight's Dream

Caelum et OceanEdit

Caelum et Ocean

Four SeasonsEdit

Four Seasons

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