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Stellar Atlas is a Story Suit that can be obtained by completing the suit Galactic Classics.

Completion Prize: Stellar Gallery.


Alternate Series (Pose)[]



What a marvel it is to adorn my clothing with the stars, themselves!' As a reclusive designer, Abner's dream had always been to take his beloved stars and weave them into his fashion designs. He firmly believed that, one day, the stars in the night sky would become the most outstanding features of Lilith attire.

To this end, Abner often went to the observatory to behold the seldom-seen starry skies; after sketching them on paper, he would return to his home and keep his drawings for inspiration in his future creation. His loneliness, however, gradually weighed upon his passion, eventually all but extinguishing it. Even in the most star-filled nights, Abner could not shake away his loneliness and helplessness, and he discontinued his design work.

But passion is very much like the fading embers of a soaring fire, for as long as it is protected by another, it can always be born anew. One night, a girl burst into the observatory, reigniting Abner's passion and chasing away his loneliness. He looked at her with curiosity; she has the same passion that he once had, and her love for the stars appears to be even greater than his own.

He strikes up a conversation with Renee, talking about the starry sky and their dreams. The stars were the ones who brought them together, and together they began to research the stars every waking hour. They recorded their findings, and drew out a star map for each season of the year; thus were the complicated stars made simple to follow.

Over time, Abner grew to become an excellent designer, but the comet that Renee has been expecting has yet to appear. But even after 76 years, they don't give up, for they are no longer alone.

The cosmos are vast and mostly empty, devoid of sound even when the skies are brimming with stars. This loneliness will forever exist, but as long as they have each other, they will never feel it ever again.

Item Descriptions[]

Only two things in the world interest Abner, the starry sky and clothes. Or just clothes with stars.
Lunar Halo

It's not that easy to combine stars and clothes. Actually, it's far more complicated.

The cosmos is quiet. Even the sky full stars also seem so lonely.
Stellar Gallery

Abner came to the observatory, which is the best place to study the secrets of the sky.
Star-leaf Dress

From passion to calm, Abner continues the work in the pain of loneliness.
Starry Pants

A young girl rushed into the observatory. She was so passionate, just like yesterday's Abner.
Stars at Daybreak

Abner talked with the girl. He wants to share the starry sky with her, and so does she.
Polestar Lens

Destiny never rests. It just keeps bringing questions before you.
Frown in Despair


As mentioned in Galactic Classics, stars are a prominent part in Lilith fashion. Abner, a designer, wanted to make stars "the most outstanding feature in Lilith attire". Abner constantly went to the observatory, where he looked at stars for inspiration for his clothes. One day, he saw Renee bursting inside. They had a conversation over the stars, and made charts so they were easier to understand. Abner eventually became a successful designer, but the comet Renee saw (Galactic Classics) never appeared, even after 76 years. However, they still had each other.

See also: Four Seasons and Galactic Classics.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Stellar Atlas N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Atlas Stellaire Stellar Atlas
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 觅星图册 (mì xīng tú cè) Star Atlas
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
覓星圖冊 (mì xīng tú cè) Star Atlas
Japanese Flag.png Japan スターアトラス (Sutāatorasu) Star Atlas
Korean Flag.png South Korea 별 헤는 밤 (byeol heneun bam) Star Counting Night
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Album Bintang Star Album
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Tinh Tú StarCT
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Stellar Gallery N/A