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Stars in Wish Bottle is a Lilith suit that could be obtained from a Cumulative Recharge from April 15th to April 21st, 2019, for 1200 VIP Exp.png.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Azure Track, String of Sea, Star Ocean, Star Sea Travel and 35 Diamonds.

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Alternative Series (Pose)[]


She travels among many dreamlands and, tempted by the shiny spots, descends to the deep bottom of the vast ocean.
Ocean Slumber

Every time when a star falls, there will be light shimmering in the bottle, answering people's beautiful wishes.
Shooting Star Dream

Some drifting bottles would strand on the beach, where the snow-white foam and golden sand meet.
Sand and Foam

Pure and deep waves gently take her afar. At the moment, at this place, there is no orientation but free drifting.
Wave Drift

Spots of light drop from fingertip and form a galaxy on palm. She collects all the mirror images of stars
Drop of Light

A handful of seawater entered the bottle from the seam. It wets her hair and brings a touch of chill.
Chilling Water

Soft breeze skipped the water surface. She looked afar, watching the beautiful images reflected.
Breeze of Tides

Sets sail at night and rests when the morning bell rings. Waves won't bother her because stars keep her company.
Daytime Route

The wings of dream take her to the ocean of stars. If only the trip has no end. But alas, the sunshine wakes her up
Traveling Wings

Moonlight flows on the quiet sea surface, covering her body with a tender gauze. She could wander like this forever
Pure Pursuit

Between dream and reality, after all the angry and peaceful waves, she opened her eyes.
Azure Track

The moment when she entered the dreamland, she's been in the bottle, listening to the call of the ocean.
String of Sea

The shiny wish bottle loaded with colorful dreams is traveling afar on the sea. Finally, they will be realized.
Star Wish Bottle

The mist gradually faded, and the stars turned into billions of light dots around her, lighting up the whole sea.
Star Ocean

The time is right. In brisk rings of the bell, she puts on the starlight and starts her drifting journey.
Star Sea Travel


The suit describes a girl who travels between dreams and reality, from dreamland to dreamland. She is accompanied by the stars as she drifts through the universe.