Starry Fantasy is a Lilith suit that could be obtained from the Starry Dream event.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing An Array of Stars and 30 Diamond.png.

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Item Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Turn the book to next page. Star River is swaying her detective glass and wondering when the night would fall.
Envoy from Venus

In this deep vast universe, she sleeps in the day and doesn't wake up till the night.
Deep Dark Universe

Star River also realizes the power of the shackles is weakening so she tries hard to awaken her friend.
Dream Words

When Dreamland Fairy is busy with weaving dreams, Star River casts shimmering lights to the earth.
Violet Ballade

Star River puts the stars in the shape of cute animals. This is her favorite recreational activity.

The couples and children are making a wish to the starry sky where the shining stars carry their dreams.
Night Gem

Since Dreamland Fairy sank into slumber, the serene night has vanished and the stars have also lost their lustre.
Soothing Magic

The heavy mist has an inclination to dissipate. That night, the stars finally have a chance to shine.
Disciple in Dreamland

The vast night sky looks like a monster's mouth. It's a place full of terror which can not even be lit up by stars.
Silver Crescent

Dreamland Fairy is sunk in sleep at an unknown corner of the universe but Star River is determined to find her.
Detective Glass

The sweet dreams have broken into pieces. People beset with nightmares won't confide to the starry sky any more.
Book of Dreamland

Countless stars are arrayed in the sky to be a mysterious map. Children clap and shout, 'Stars show up again!'
Nebula of Fantasy

At night, Star River roams around the sky with others. Everyone carries a star lamp to light up the darkness.
Clear Dreamland

On a serene night, children wear sweet smiles due to beautiful dreams and even the stars seem to be more dazzling.
An Array of Stars

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See also: Lost in Dreamland, Hayden.

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