The Starry Corridor is a place where players can submit photos. The player can dress up and position their avatar from items in the Wardrobe, and then post it for where all players can view it. Players can choose to take either a solo or group picture. Other players can comment on these photos with Beautiful, Lovable, or Creative.

Starry Corridor opens up on the New button. This is split into 3 sections: New, Hot, and Friend. The Hot section shows the top 4 most viewed & commented posts as well as popular posts within specific tags. The New section features new submissions and the Friend section allows you to view your friend’s/Association member’s posts.

There are 2 other buttons on the bottom of the screen. The middle one allows you to choose what kind of photo you want to take. After setting up your photo, you can choose the style of your bubble, card, and photo frame. You can also add tags that you think suit your photo. These tags include nation tags like Lilith or regular tags like Lolita. These tags can be featured in the Hot section.

The last one is your Style Diary. This shows all of the posts you’ve made. The next section is Participated. This tells you whether a friend used you in a group photo or if they’ve commented on one of your photos. This also keeps track of your total amount of views and comments from the last week and tells you how many followers you have. The Following tab allows you to see the recent photos of people you follow. Here, you can also adjust your settings and choose who can take group photos with you or comment/reply on your posts. By default, everything is turned on.s

After commenting 10 times on pictures, you will get a random reward like Gold, Diamond, Honor Points, etc. Honor Pints can be used in the Starry Memorial to buy new styles for bubble, card, and photo frames. It’s accessible through the Reward button on the top right of the New section.