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Star Tears is the 9th Monthly Sign-In suit. It appears in the Gallery section of the Collection.

Completion Prize: 2,000 Gold

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Additional Items[]


Item Descriptions[]

When times stops, do you still remember those love oath?
Sorrow of Stars

When the time changes, do you still remember the gift you exchanged?
Changing World

When astrology changes, do you still remember the love between you and her.
Stars Shift

When meteors fall from the sky, Cross is full of tears, do you remember the one always by your side?
Cross Tear

When the world comes to an end, can you reminisce of the days when you traveled with her?
Black Hole

The falling Meteor left a beautiful moment, though ephemeral but unforgettable.
Fallen Meteor

When stardust is gone and the astrology functions no more, have you found true love?
Disappeared Stardust


(This interpretation is based on alternate translations of the Chinese descriptions by users bamboo snek and athena on Discord.)

Each part's description addresses a particular character, asking them what will they remember when the world ends, refering to their most meaningful relationships.

When the stars feel sorrow and the moon feels despair, when the galaxy comes to a halt, will you remember that he once said he would protect you, that you always weakly but earnestly accompanied him? - Sorrow of Stars addresses Yvette, who had great respect and dedication for Nidhogg, as he was always kind to her despite her shy and clumsy personality.

When matters change and stars shift, when a thousand passes have gone by, will you remember that you once praised a pink-hair as a diamond in the rough, that you gave her a lantern in the night? - Changing World addresses Kimi, referencing her encounter with Nikki in Wintermount, when she called the latter a gem with natural talent, but still needing polishing, and encouraged her to travel across Miraland to learn more about styling.

When the signs suffer a sea change and the constellations fall, will you remember that one time you went to Wintermount to collect a dowry for her, that you two were the source of endless displays of affection. - Stars Shift addresses Zhong Lizi, who set out to become a great designer in order to be a good husband for Bai Jinjin, who accompanied him to the Designer's Tea Party in Wintermount.

When meteors fall and tears flow from the Southern Cross, will you remember that there once was someone who was always by your side, that she never gave up on guarding you? - Cross Tear addresses Royce, reminding him of Neva, who has always been a faithful guard for him with great perseverance.

When black holes are on the march and day and night reverse, will you remember that you once traversed the continent with her, trekking through the mountains and the waters, that you two were always bickering? - Black Hole addresses Momo, mentioning his light-hearted bickering with Bobo throughout their journey together.

When the nebulae disperse and astrology fails, will you have found true love, or remember how many boyfriends you had? Have you completed the zodiac? - Disappeared Stardust addresses Toto, who frequently changes boyfriends, all of them having different zodiac signs.

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Star Tears N/A
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 星泪 (xīng lèi) Star Tears
Japanese Flag.png Japan 星の涙 (hoshi no namida) Star Tears
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Air Mata Bintang Star Tears
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A



  • The additional items are not available through the Monthly Sign-In, but belong with the suit