Ran from April 15 to April 21, 2019.

Following the guide of the stars, Starlet and Nikki came to Pigeon Forest to seek inspirations. Bunny fairies in the forest have some troubles, team up to help them, collect Magic Spirit, and win theme suits.

Players will be shown a styling theme each day. Choose a partner and battle two other stylists to collect Magic Spirits Magic Spirit. You get 5 for winning and 3 for losing. Collecting a certain amount of Magic Spirit will allow you to obtain rewards like Stamina, Gold, and pieces of the Colorful Gift and Spring Wonderland suits. You are given 5 free attempts daily and more attempts can be bought for 24 Diamond each.


1 - Wonderful Pigeon TripEdit

The light of stars points to here! Wear simple lively clothes to go to explore Pigeon Forest!

  • Style: Simple Lively Cute Pure Warm

2 - Elegant Afternoon TeaEdit

The bunny fairy is worried about what to wear for the afternoon tea. Give her a gorgeous elegant outfit!

  • Style: Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Warm

3 - Brilliant New FairyEdit

Even a common bunny fairy wants to be more shining on the Coming of Age. Wear something cute and gorgeous!

  • Style: Gorgeous Lively Cute Pure Warm

4 - Timid New FriendEdit

The dwarves are hanging out together, a bunny fairy wants to join them too. Dress cute and lively!

  • Style: Simple Lively Cute Pure Cool

5 - Growing TroubleEdit

Will coming of age give you greater magic power? A mature and sexy style might cheer her up.

  • Style: Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Cool

6 - Sacred CeremonyEdit

The coming of age has started. Under the brilliant magic light, wear elegant and pure to join the dance.

  • Style: Gorgeous Elegant Cute Pure Cool

7 - Parting LightEdit

The magic ceremony gives Starlet many ideas. Wear simple and cute to say goodbye to Letta!

  • Style: Gorgeous Lively Cute Pure Warm

Collection RewardsEdit

# CollectedReward
15Starlight Whisper
1000 Gold
45Firefly Light
5 Stamina
76Dreamy Light
5 Diamond
106Violet Magic
1000 Gold
152Naught Thought
5 Stamina
197Childish Vision
5 Starlight Coin
242Brilliant Cluster
2000 Gold
303Innocent Pupil
10 Stamina
364Spring Song
2000 Gold
424First Violet
10 Stamina
470Ethereal Music
10 Diamond
515Light of Dream
5 Starlight Coin
561Soft Poem
5000 Gold
606Catkin Chat
15 Stamina
652Spring Flower
10 Diamond
692Magic Promise
1 Wish Coupon
758Brilliant Moon
1 Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket
818Radiant Psalm
1 Wish Coupon
879In the Wind
1 Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket
939Flower and Dream
2 Wish Coupon
1000Spring Banquet
2 Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket


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