Star Shadow
Star Shadow Hidden Suit
Cloud astrologers call the occasional meteor a "flying firefly" to describe their elusive and fleeting appearance.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hidden suit
Color(s): Blue/Silver
Recolor(s): Red/Silver
Obtained by: Time Yard Pavilion

Star Shadow[1] is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from draws in the Time Yard Pavilion.

Wardrobe Edit

Customized (Red) Edit

Customized (Black) Edit

Lore Edit

Nikki found a shop named Star Shadow which sells many star-themed ornaments.
Resonance, Resonance-Yellow, Resonance-Gray, Resonance-Black

Wearing this makes you an Astrologer's Assistant.'
Star Shadow, Star Shadow-Red, Star Shadow-Black

Nikki just loves the star lights on the shoes, but Momo insists it's but white paint.
Star Shatters, Star Shatters-Red, Star Shatters-Tan

The seemingly common headwear is made of silver. And the colors go so well with Nikki's hairstyle.
Embrace, Embrace-Red, Embrace-Black

Many scientists in Apple and Ruin Island try to prove they are not lonely.
Lonely Star, Lonely Star-Red, Lonely Star-Gray

Bracelet of the starry sky, attractive but not exaggerated. Matches everything well.
Shining, Shining-Red, Shining-Black

Cloud astrologers call the meteor Firefly as they are so intangible.
Fireflies, Fireflies-Red, Fireflies-Black

References Edit

  1. The name Star Shadow is unofficial, as there was no name given by the game or official account.

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