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You are here to finish a predecessor's long-cherished wish.
— The Star Seer to Nikki

The Star Seer is a diviner from Lilith Kingdom who is highly respected by the people of Miraland. She is Starlet's master, and teaches her divination.

History Edit

The Star Seer lives in a unique tower in Lilith Kingdom, and it's said that she was born with the ability of foreknowledge like other Star Seers. She, like the Star Seers before her, helps to guide the direction of the nation, though she does not use her divining skills often. However, whenever something important is going to happen, she goes to the divination room at the top of the tower to witness the pattern the stars make.[1]

In the year 680, the Star Seer predicted Nikki's arrival to Miraland.[2] She likely has a prophecy that has more information about how Nikki would be able to return to Earth, which the Mayor of Moonlit City knew about.[3]

Relationships Edit

Starlet Edit

The Star Seer cares a lot about Starlet and her ability as a fortuneteller. She encouraged Starlet to travel, believing that staying in Hela Vi may not be allowing her to improve and reach her full potential.[4] The Star Seer recommended Starlet for her current job, working for Amphithea News as a horoscope writer.[5] She also helped her design a dress, enchanting it so that girls could find their Mr. Right.[6]

Starlet depends on the Star Seer as well and has a great deal of respect for her. She turned to her when it looked as though she, Nikki, Bobo, and Momo would be unable to reach Cloud City in time to save Lunar.[7]

Nikki Edit

The Star Seer believes strongly that Nikki holds the fate of Miraland in her hands.[8] When she first met Nikki, she was astonished at the sight of her as if she had just learned the secrets of the past and the future.[9] She told her that she was here to finish a predecessor's long-cherished wish.[10]

The Star Seer also gave Nikki gifts, including the coat Ode to Starry Night and the necklace Night of Stars.

Hurst Edit

The Star Seer works closely with Hurst, who is a diviner like her. She gave him a gift made of nebula that gave him the ability to see unusual sights, which could possibly refer to his star wheel.[11]

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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