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The north star realm is opening. Even the stars are not in the position, you can still trace the stars back by the force of the gemini.

Comeback of the Star Secrets event where suits from previous seasons (Moon Vixen of Heart, Golden Dragon of Neck, Earth Bat of Girl, Fire Tiger of Tail, Rabbit of Room Sun, and Deer of Net Moon) are available.

You will be given a styling theme. Partner with another stylist and compete against 2 other players to earn Star Stone. There are no free attempts given, but you may buy 5 for 24 Diamond each.

Note: This event will come back. Any leftover Star Stone will be carried over to future seasons.


1 - Phoenix RadianceEdit

Enter the realm of Phoenix in the south. Wear pure and simple clothes to protect you from the fire.

  • Style: SimpleLivelyCutePureWarm

2 - Dragon AbdomenEdit

The Room Mansion has a cute shape of a rabbit. Wear simple and lively clothes to fit in.

  • Style: SimpleLivelyCutePureCool

3 - Moon DeerEdit

The fifth Mansion in South shines brilliantly. Wear elegant and mature clothes.

  • Style: GorgeousElegantMatureSexyCool

4 - Fate of LoveEdit

The fifth mansion in seats appears as a fox. Heart is the Mansion of love, dress elegant and pure.

  • Style: SimpleElegantCutePureCool
  • Tags: Chinese ClassicalModern China

5 - Sacred BirdEdit

The Mansion if Net is moving slowly, dress in Gorgeous and Sexy clothes to stop it.

  • Style: GorgeousLivelyMatureSexyCool
  • Tags: Swordsman

6 - Nine MansionsEdit

Cloud used to divide the sky into 9 sections. One is shining with elegance and maturity.

  • Style: SimpleElegantMaturePureWarm

7 - Stars ReturnEdit

The star realm is closing. Use gorgeous and elegant styles to guide them back.

  • Style: GorgeousElegantMaturePureWarm
  • Tags: Chinese ClassicalModern China
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