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Dialogue for the event Star Lily Case Files.

Case Commission (Introduction) Edit

The melody ends as everything falls to sudden darkness. A light flashes and disappears as quickly as it came.

A pair of gloomy eyes cannot discern the crowds in the dark, but they can sense the helplessness, fear, and anxiety surrounding them...

'Ahh--' A shout shatters the silence of the darkness, and in a while, everything turns to chaos.

After three moments of total darkness, as the people's tolerance reach their breaking point, the lights in the hall finally come back on.

The model weeps on the ground, her shoe's heels scattered around her as her ankles throb in pain.

Someone helps her stand...

'The Star Lily is disappeared!'

In an instant, all turn their eyes and focus on the model.

A magician smiles politely, 'It seems I must cancel my show.' Then he asks the violinist aside, 'What a beautiful song! Could you tell me its name?'

A quiet library, a stark contrast to the lively rabble and bright lights of the carnival.

A street-side coffee cart, where a cute girl prepares her signature cafe mocha;

A dazzling show, where designer and model alike work tirelessly on their Lily fashion...

Talk of Star Lily's disappearance continues during the carnival. Who could have stolen that precious gem and carried it off in the dark? The answers await your discovery...

Brilliant detective,

Welcome to the Lily Fashion Carnival.

Now go unravel the mystery of the Star Lily's disappearance.

  • Nikki: Eh? We're starting just like that?
  • Debbie: Don't just stand there! Hit the streets for clues and testimonials...'Detective Nikki.'
  • Momo: Meow! My lady Sofia is on this list of witnesses too!!! Will we really get the chance to talk to her?
  • Debbie: It's nothing more than a game of reasoning. Even if no one suspicious appears, you might run into an even more surprising acquaintance in your investigation.
  • Nikki: Alright, then I think we should learn more about the situation from Timi.
  • Debbie: Sounds good, let's bring Timi in as a witness!

Crime Scene Edit

Museum Edit

  • Momo: Nothing less from a school as famous as this. Their gallery is spectacular!
  • Nikki: There must be lots of interesting things kept in a place as big as this.
  • Debbie: Of course! Every year, our graduates’ original works are put on display in here, as well as all sorts of other exhibits.
  • Nikki: Do they have anything to do with matching? I feel like we can see lots of interesting things here.
  • Momo: Like maybe a grilled fish exhibition!
  • Debbie: Uh… Well, that would definitely be an interesting exhibition...
  • Nikki: Momo…
  • Momo: Heehee! Well, since we’re already here, why don’t we have a quick match? Quick, try on an outfit for checking out the exhibits here!
  • Debbie: Hmm, if it’s for watching the exhibits, then you should wear simple elegant customize apparel!

Cafe Edit

  • Nikki: We've been walking forever, I want something to drink...
  • Momo: Me too! I think I need something sweet to recharge my batteries for this investigation.
  • Ace: The owner of that shop makes a really good latte.
  • Momo: Latte? What the heck's a latte...
  • Nikki: It's a kind of coffee, right?
  • Ace: Mmhmm, there are lots of different lattes to choose from. Just reading the names makes you feel they taste good, and the flavor matches that feeling, too!
  • Momo: Wow! What should I drink, what should I drink?
  • Nikki: Hmm, why don't we all choose something different and try them all out?
  • Ace: Great!... With so many flowers for afternoon tea, what a cozy environment... Why not try some lovely clothes to match the style of this shop?

Witness Edit

Timi Edit

  • Nikki: Timi! Long time no see!
  • Timi: guys are here for the fashion show, too?
  • Nikki: Yeah, we heard about it a long time ago, and have always wanted to come see it. I didn't think it would be this lively!
  • Timi: Mmhmm, the Lily Fashion Carnival is pretty famous. It's an exclusive display of student works for the Garden Council and the Lily Fashion Show.
  • Momo: The Lily Fashion Show? Is that the event they hold on the last day in the Stadium?
  • Timi: Yes, but there might be some problems with this year's event because of the Star Lily.
  • Momo: What? Did something happen to it?
  • Timi: Uh, I heard that...the Star Lily, a grenadine-colored gem necklace was stolen, known as one of treasures of Lily Design School.
  • Timi: Every year during the carnival, it is put on display alongside the graduates' works. At the end of the festival, a top model is given the chance to wear it at the fashion show.
  • Nikki: So you're saying..the Lily Styling Academy's most precious treasure has been stolen, and the model won't be able to complete the final show for this year's carnival?
  • Timi: Yes...that's the gist of it.
  • Nikki: Has the thief been found yet?
  • Timi: No one saw the thief steal it in that moment of darkness, so we don't know when they'll be found...the Star Lily might even be lost forever...
  • Momo: It can't be...
  • Nikki: I really hope someone finds the thief before the fashion show begins so I can see that legendary necklace. It would make our entire trip worthwhile.
  • Timi: Hey...that's right!
  • Nikki: What?
  • Timi: I remember there was a big reward posted by the Lily Design School for anyone who helps in retrieving the Star Lily! Nikki, why don't we give it a shot, too?
  • Nikki: Eh? You think we should go find the thief? But we don't have any clues...
  • Timi: Wait here. (Rummages in bag) Here it is! I'm informed of some information, and these four places are worth checking out.
  • Nikki: Let me guess, is one of them the place where Star Lily was stolen: It's display case in the gallery?
  • TImi: Exactly! The library is also suspicious, since the thief would have to go through there to escape. Another thing, someone saw a suspicious Star Lily appear backstage before.
  • Momo: Huh? You mean people can go into the show's backstage right now?
  • Timi: Yes, but only workers, stylists, and models associated with the show's preparations and rehearsals. The informant says it only looked similar, but has no way to confirm it.
  • Nikki: It looks like the gymnasium is also worth looking into. Who did that person say was carrying the Star Lily?
  • Timi: He said he couldn't find any leads backstage at the time, but he wore all black and looked suspicious, so his testimony is hard to judge, too.
  • Nikki: Ugh...this is going to be difficult. Let's start searching for clues in the gallery!
  • Timi: ...Take this and go search for the thief. I'm counting on you!
  • Nikki: Eh? What about you?
  • Timi: I don't have time to find the thief, but you guys can try if you'd like!
  • Momo: I'm in. Let's find the thief and claim our prize, Detective Nikki!

Aron Edit

  • (At this time, the student exhibitions are going as usual in the gallery. People leisurely observe them as they chat, or take photos of their favorite works…)
  • Aron: Nikki?
  • Nikki: Aron? You're here for the Lily Fashion Carnival, too?
  • Aron: Yeah, I've been here since day one. I even bought a ticket for their opening ceremony.
  • Nikki: Huh? You were here for the opening ceremony? Then, when the Star Lily was stolen, you were…
  • Aron: I was there. The model was almost to the center of the runway when the power went out. It was scary, with so many worried guests, things could have gotten out of control.
  • Nikki: Yeah, you're absolutely right. What happened next?
  • Aron: We heard a scream, probably because the model fell down. When the lights came on, her shoes were broken and her ankles were swollen. It looked painful…
  • Momo: The thief must have knocked her over while trying to steal the necklace…
  • Aron: At the time, I was standing near the exit when a worker wearing glasses picked up the band's cello and vanished. I think her name is Lisa? She's the band manager for the exhibit.
  • Nikki: The first person to leave the crime scene, huh…
  • Momo: Could she be a suspect?
  • Aron: Although it was before the power went out, they had already packed away their instruments. If I wasn't standing by their exit, I wouldn't have seen her actions that day.
  • Nikki: When the lights came on, was there anything different about her expression?
  • Aron: Not at all, she was calm as if nothing had happened. Everyone's eyes were on the model. It's suspicious, now that I think of it. She could have hidden it in the cello's case…
  • Nikki: For a cello that big, she could have hidden half of herself in that case…
  • Momo: And she was so calm, too. As if she was following a well-laid out plan.
  • Aron: But no one saw her steal the necklace, so we can't confirm this suspicion…
  • Nikki: Yeah… Sigh, who could've stolen the necklace? I'm going to take a look somewhere else, maybe I can find something useful…
  • Aron: Okay, good luck!

Cali Edit

  • (Near the right exit, an orchestra plays melodies as gentle as flowing water. Nikki watches the guests while thinking of the possible ways Lisa could have committed her crime.)
  • (She arrives at the exit near the band and finds a good vantage point. She hopes to find a clue from the cellist.)
  • (After a while, she fails to find a worker by the name of Lisa. She does, however, see an unexpected guest snapping photos of a modern Cloud dress.)
  • Nikki: Hey, Cali! Are you here to report on the festival?
  • Cali: Yes I am! This year's Lily Fashion Carnival has lots to see; there are new discoveries every day! It's been a long time, Nikki and Momo.
  • Nikki: You're looking busy! This dress feels like a Cheongsam at first glance, but if you notice it has lots of subtle changes made to it. It's beautiful!
  • Cali: I've already interviewed lots of these graduates. They're all superb stylists with unique styles to match their individuality! Is this your first time here?
  • Nikki: Yes, we just happened to stop by to see it.
  • Cali: Wow! Let me tell you, this festival is super famous. Aside from the graduates' amazing pieces, the fashion show on the last day is also an incredible experience!
  • Nikki: Fashion show?
  • Momo: I bet there'll be plenty of beautiful models there!
  • Cali: Yes, and the organizers even invited Sofia for a special performance, as well as a famous band! Last time, I got to interview Hiber, the model who was supposed to wear Star Lily.
  • Nikki: That's amazing!
  • Cali: SO-so. After all, following the important people and events of this festival is my mission.
  • Nikki: So that means you must know about the theft of Star Lily, right?
  • Cali: Yep, and I don't think it's as simple as it's known. In that kind of chaotic situation, the first person to leave isn't necessarily the thief.
  • Momo: If I was the thief, I would stay behind and keep an eye on the situation before making my exit.
  • Nikki: You're right. If there was a plan to steal the Star Lily, a safe exit would also be a big part of the plan.
  • Cali: That's true. After the theft, the police didn't arrive in time, and the crime scene wasn't sealed right away, either.
  • Nikki: And considering the necklace size, it could easily be hidden on someone's body, which means…
  • Cali: I completely agree with your analysis. Sigh… I was there for the opening ceremony, and I was even standing somewhat close to the front.
  • Cali: I was taking pictures of the organizing staff next to the flower arch when the lights turned off. It happened right as I clicked the shutter on my camera.
  • Momo: What are the odds!
  • Nikki: Wait… so the flash of light that some of the witnesses saw… that was your camera?
  • Cali: Yes. Do you want to see the picture I took? It's here in my camera.
  • Nikki: Can I see it? This is great, thank you so much!
  • (Cali takes out her camera and flips to the picture in question. Nikki leans in to look, only to see Lisa's figure on camera!)
  • Nikki: Who's this person?
  • Cali: Lisa? She's so responsible; she even helped the band set up, and that cello's heavy. I'm glad I could capture the staff helping out; none of this would be possible without them.
  • Nikki: The lights were only out for three minutes. If she was the culprit, she would've had to put the cello down and walked over from the entrance, so…
  • Cali: So there's no way she could have stolen it in time! Also, to be honest, I captured all of her movements that day on her camera…
  • Nikki: In other words, if she was the culprit, it's likely your presence would have blown her cover! Your camera's flash went off at just the right time!
  • Cali: Near Hiber… I just remembered, a mysterious man in black was there, too. He was wearing a hood, and maybe a blindfold over his eyes? I feel like I've seen him in the news before..
  • Momo: That description… I have a bad feeling about this…
  • Nikki: Eh? Do you mean it could have been Shade?
  • Cali: Ah… I didn't dare to look any longer. He was standing in the front row close to Hiber, and he left from the opposite exit which is connected to the library's side entrance.
  • Nikki: ...The library is easy to hide in. It's the fastest way to get there between the gallery and the academy gates.
  • Cali: Why don't you go investigate in the library? There are plenty of students who stay in there all day studying, maybe one of them has a clue for you to follow?

Annabel Edit

  • (In the library's reading room, Annabel sits in her usual place pouring over a catalog of formal designs.)
  • Nikki: (Whispers) Hello, Annabel. Can we talk for a second? Everyone in here is a stranger, I'm so glad we found you here.
  • Annabel: (Whispers) Oh, it's you Nikki! What do you want to talk about?
  • Momo: (Whispers) It's not convenient to talk about here. Why not go outside to talk?
  • Nikki: You're right, let's go have a seat on the bench outside.
  • (Nikki and Annabel sit on a bench outside the reading room, each one with a cup of juice in hand as they talk about why they are here.)
  • Nikki: You've been here for almost a month just looking for inspiration?
  • Annabel: That's right, the Lily Design School's reading room is open to the public and has lots of books. That's why I decided to spend so much time here, so I can read as much as I can.
  • Nikki: Wow! Your journal is so detailed; you even write down what you see every day?
  • Annabel: It's a habit. I practice so much I can't afford to lose sight of the world around me. And just a few days ago, this really handsome guy came in here! See, I wrote it all down!
  • (Nikki takes the journal from Annabel and she is shocked to see a sketch of Shade inside. He is drawn wearing all black and a hood, with one eye covered.)
  • Nikki: So it really was him. You even managed to capture his personality in this drawing.
  • Annabel: Heehee, well he stood out like a sore thumb. Also, he didn't speak to anyone or change his expression the whole time he was there.
  • Momo: And you didn't attract his attention with how closely you were watching him?
  • Annabel: Sigh… of course I did! It was pretty awkward, but he didn't seem to care too much; he just glanced at me and left, and didn't reappear until yesterday afternoon for a moment.
  • Nikki: Do you still remember what he was up to the first time you saw him?
  • Annabel: Let me think… It looked like he was looking for a book in the deepest part of the library. Why are you so interested in him?
  • Nikki: It's not that, I'm just curious, is all… He was there when the Star Lily was stolen, and wasn't standing far away, either.
  • Annabel: You mean it's likely he's the thief? I have a record here… Aha! It wasn't long afterwards… but I saw a worker bring that model in the elegant dress over to this rest area.
  • Annabel: The man in black followed them, but then entered the reading room and went to the deepest part of the library. Do you think he was avoiding detection or even hiding the necklace?
  • Momo: You said he briefly reappeared yesterday… Maybe he came back to get the necklace?
  • Nikki: If that's the case… it looks like we won't find the Star Lily in this place.

Starlet Edit

  • (Annabel bids Nikki farewell and returns to the reading room. Nikki walks towards the academy gates.)
  • (It could not have been Lisa, and Shade is nowhere to be found. All leads are at an end, and the way forward is unclear.)
  • Starlet: Nikki? Why are you spacing out like that?
  • Nikki: I'm so glad I ran into you here. I was confused just now...
  • Starlet: Eh? Is there something I can help you with? Do you need me to read your fortune?
  • Momo: Sure! Maybe I just need the stars to help lead me to the thief, hahaha.
  • Starlet: So you're looking for a thief, huh? (She pulls out a magnifying glass and a star chart) As for the 'Theft of Star Lily', the thief is...
  • Momo: Dun-dun-dun! Tune in next time for a brilliant deduction by Detective Starlet and her allies of justice...
  • Nikki: Quiet, Momo! I'm thinking of the possibilities and methods the thief could have used.
  • Starlet: It sounds like you already have a suspect in mind, and just need to confirm whether he's the culprit or not, is that right?
  • Nikki: How should I put it? It's true we have a suspect, but now none of our clues link up.
  • Starlet: Why don't we check out the crime scene one more time? Maybe we'll find something we didn't see before?
  • (Nikki and Starlet go back to the gallery, and comb through the events of the crime once more.)
  • Starlet: During the incident, it appears there was a magician standing next to the stage who was preparing a big finale for the show that night.
  • Nikki: Are you talking about Noah?
  • Starlet: Hang on, I'm checking... Yes, it's him. Is it possible his show wasn't canceled, but instead he left for another reason? With so many magic show props...
  • Nikki: You mean to say he might have stolen the necklace when the lights went out and then hidden it in one of his props...?
  • Starlet: Yes, that's exactly what I mean!
  • Nikki: But that's just a guess. If we can't find him, there's no way to confirm it...
  • Starlet: Then we'll just have to look for him.
  • Nikki: Erm... I'm afraid it won't be that easy. We can't rely on the stars for everything...
  • Starlet: Magician... Magician... Got it!
  • Nikki: What?
  • Starlet: When I first came in, there was a magician at the academy gates doing a street performance, and that magician was probably none other than Noah! Why don't we go ask him?
  • Momo: Hey, hey! You're just going to walk up and ask him like that? Is it really okay...?
  • Starlet: We don't have to be so direct. Let's go to the cafe nearby and scope out the situation before making our next move.

Winter Edit

  • (Outside the Stadium and across from the academy gates is a cute trailer with tasteful tables and chairs set in front of it. A sign over the window reads 'Cafe Winder'.)
  • (After exiting the fate, Starlet has been drawn to another streetside cart. And Nikki comes to the cafe by herself.)
  • (She realizes the magician Starlet spoke about was exactly who they thought it was: Noah.)
  • ???: You have good tastes. The cherry cake and mocha are both this cafe's specialties!
  • Nikki: (Looks up at voice) ...Dongmu?
  • Winter: Heehee, we haven't seen each other since we parted ways with Fu Su, have we...?
  • Nikki: That's true...Say, what's that on your chest?
  • Winter: Oh, this? ...It's the official volunteer badge for this year's Lily Fashion Carnival. I'm a worker here, you know?
  • Momo:'re actually working here?
  • Winter: Yes. I still remember the first time I came here. I was just passing by, but when I tasted Cafe Wonder's desserts I fell absolutely in love with them!
  • Nikki: Is this Cafe Wonder carriage only open during the Lily Fashion Carnival?
  • Winter: Yes...the owner only opens around this time every year. So, in order to eat their sweets and even make them myself, I decided to sign up as a volunteer this year!
  • Nikki: Ah...I'm actually kind of jealous! So, right now, you're...
  • Winter: I've been assigned to work in the gallery this afternoon, so I wanted to come and have a cup of coffee before then.
  • Nikki: Did you work in the gallery before, too? Can you tell me about what happened a few days ago?
  • Winter: You mean about the Star Lily? You're all quite interested in this, aren't you?
  • Nikki: I really want to find the thief and bring back the Star Lily, so that the finale can go on and we can fully experience the Lily Fashion Carnival.
  • Winter: Then do you have any suspects in mind?
  • Nikki: We've ruled out one of them, which leaves two. One is a mysterious man in black who has long since vanished, the other is that magician over there...not too reliable, huh?
  • Winter: The magician over there? You mean Noah...
  • Nikki: You know him?
  • Winter: Well, he is a famous magician. I do know he was supposed to put on a real show-stopping performance for everyone the day the Star Lily was stolen.
  • Winter: It's a pity it happened, because afterwards nobody felt like having fun anymore, so they canceled his show.
  • Nikki: The way we look at it, if Noah was the thief, it's likely he hid the necklace inside one of the props for his show. Were you at the scene of the crime that day?
  • Winter: No, I only came after the lights came back on to help maintain order. By then, Hiber had already been escorted out and Noah was talking to the band leader nearby.
  • Momo: Was it Lisa?
  • Winter: No, it was the cellist, but Lisa was there and waiting for the investigators to come like everyone else.
  • Winter: She, Noah, and everyone else were questioned, and everything and everyone was fully searched...But who's that man in black you mentioned? I don't recall him at all.
  • Nikki: It looks like Noah and Lisa really aren't the culprits at all...
  • Winter: I think that mysterious man is the key to all this! If he's still here...maybe you should keep looking around? You might still find a helpful clue somewhere!
  • Nikki: I agree. Thanks, Dongmu!

Kaja Edit

  • (A sign at the Stadium entrance reads 'Employees Only.' Nikki turns to look back at the street stands, but instead sees Kaja ready to enter.)
  • Nikki: Kaja! Over here!
  • Kaja: Oh? It’s Nikki and Momo!
  • Momo: Wow Kaja, you’re allowed to go in?
  • Kaja: Yep! I have a performance on the last day, so I’ve been rehearsing in here for the last few days.
  • Nikki: Then…would it be okay if we came with you? I’d really like to see your rehearsal…And we promise not to get in anybody’s way!
  • Kaja: Sure, just carry this with you.
  • (Kaja gives Nikki her worker’s badge, and leads her and Momo into the gymnasium. Inside, everyone is preparing for the final day’s performance.)
  • Nikki: Wow…are they all models?
  • Kaja: That’s right. Most of the models and stylists take breaks in here, as well as change outfits. Only VIP like Hiber get their own personal dressing room.
  • Nikki: So do you have your own room, too?
  • Kaja: I sure do, my special guests. It’s the trailer over there.
  • Nikki: Wow! A trailer! Is it like the café outside the gymnasium?
  • Kaja: Kind of, since they all have signs for the Lily Fashion Carnival posted on them. The inside isn’t very big, but it sure beats being crammed in the rest area with the other models.
  • Nikki: Um... would it be okay if we walked around on our own?
  • Kaja: (Knowingly) Ah, you’re investigating something aren’t you? Here, let’s do it together.
  • (Nikki and Kaja turn the corner around the main stage. The lighting is dim, and many people are sitting around chatting idly.)
  • Nikki: Eh? That guy over there... he gives off a completely different feel than the others here...
  • Kaja: Who? ...Oh, you mean him. It’s strange, he’s been here for a few days but I’ve never seen him talk to anyone. He’s a bit more cooperative when his part in the show comes, though.
  • Nikki: No way...
  • Momo: He’s a model?!
  • Kaja: Yeah, he’s here every day. Is something wrong?
  • Nikki: N-Nothing, it’s just he doesn’t seem like his kind of thing…
  • Momo: Not even in my dreams would I have guessed Shade was acting as a model here! Is this for real?
  • Kaja: Oh, this? Haha, I think that’s a stylist’s theme design. The theme is vampires, so there’s lots of strange stuff like horns and goblets and fake bool
  • Nikki: I see…
  • Kaja: But he’s still a bit odd. While everyone here brought all sorts of bags and packs, he didn’t bring a single thing. He kept turning around to look, too.
  • Nikki: That is pretty odd…Huh?
  • Kaja: What is it? See someone you know?
  • Nikki: Yes, actually. Can I go say hello?
  • Kaja: Sure thing. Besides, you wanted to explore on your own, right? Just let me know if you need me; I’ll be in the white trailer over there next to Sofia’s red trailer.
  • Nikki: Sounds good, thank you!
  • Kaja: You’re welcome. Have fun, you two!

Toto Edit

  • (The spotlight falls on a group of chatting models wearing the same dress of the other side of the stage. Nikki spots Toto in the group, as well.)
  • Nikki: Toto, you're here too?
  • Toto: Nikki! One second...
  • (Toto turns around to excuse herself from the conversation, then takes Nikki and Momo to the seating area and pulls up two chairs for them so sit in.)
  • Toto: Hmm? Your work badge...
  • Nikki: Oh, Kaja let us in just now. We ran into each other at the door, and I said I wanted to come in and see, so...
  • Toto: Not bad, you can see me at work with your own two eyes now!
  • Nikki: So you're a model now, Toto?
  • Toto: No, this is just a part-time gig...The Lily Fashion Carnival's magazine had a posting for a modeling job; since I'm on break and have nothing to do, I signed up and now I'm here!
  • Nikki: Wow! You're incredible, Toto! Was it a hard process?
  • Toto: Not really. They didn't have any requirements, and the stylists take into account every girl's appearance. Tall or short, skinny of plus-size, they can find clothes that suit you best!
  • Nikki: I see, that's really nice! How long have you all been here?
  • Toto: Hmm...we got put together on the second day, but I've been here since day one. I came to see the graduates' exhibition.
  • Nikki: I heard that the stolen Star Lily appeared around here, so...
  • Toto: Playing Detective Nikki, huh? Hahaha, how fun! Do you have any suspects?
  • Nikki: (Motions towards Shade)......
  • Toto: That guy? No way, we were all together when they questioned us after the incident, but he wasn't there...He came the next day, trust me. He turned lots of heads back then.
  • Toto: That designer lady said something came up with her previous male model, but she ran into this guy at the Lily Styling Academy gates and convinced him to work here for a few days.
  • Momo: ...What a twist. I never would've expected him to agree to this kind of thing...
  • Nikki: Oh yeah! You were at the scene of the crime that day too, right? Did you happen to see anything suspicious?
  • Toto: Nope! Everyone panicked when the lights went out; if it weren't for Hiber's scream, none of us would've known anything had happened to her.
  • Toto: We didn't realize the necklace was gone until the lights came back on, when we found her on the floor with her heels broken. It was so scary...
  • Nikki: Was she seriously injured that day?
  • Toto: Not seriously, I don't think. But because of the crinoline supporting the dress she was wearing, she needed a few workers to help her walk out.
  • Nikki: She didn't stay for questioning?
  • Toto: She did, but I think they questioned her in the library. In any case, she wasn't questioned along with the rest of us onlookers.
  • Nikki: I see. And what makes you say she wasn't seriously injured...?
  • Toto: Well, she was here today! She's in the final performance, you know? There's a rumor that she and Sofia competed to see who would get to wear the Star Lily in the finale.
  • Momo: And then? What next?
  • Toto: I don't know why, but she willingly forfeited and went to go perform at the graduates' exhibition...But ever since the Star Lily was stolen, there's been less gossip going around.
  • Nikki: The lights go out and she screams...then she gets hurt and escorted out because her heels are broken and her dress has a crinoline...I got it! Toto!
  • Toto: Huh?!
  • Nikki: I think I know who the culprit is, and it's all thanks to your hint!
  • Momo: Eh? I'm still in the dark here...what hint?
  • Toto: Oh? Well I'm glad I could be of help.
  • Nikki: One more question: Do you know where the trailers for the finale's models are? Kaja says they all get their own trailers.
  • Toto: I believe they're all in the back, You can access the area through the exit behind that trailer over there.
  • Nikki: Great, thanks so much!! We'll see you at showtime. Good luck!

Sofia Edit

  • (Nikki goes to the back of the gymnasium, where all of the trailers are lined up. She finds Hiber’s trailer, but the door is tightly shut, and no one can be heard inside…)
  • Sofia: Nikki? Are you looking for Hiber?
  • Nikki: Ah…it’s Sofia! How nice to run into you here!
  • Sofia: You…aren’t working here?
  • Nikki: (Awkward) I was curious, so I asked a friend who is working here to let me in and see. Actually, I wanted to…uh…
  • Momo: We wanted to try our luck and see if Hiber would let us have an autograph!
  • Sofia: Oh? I see, but she seems to have left with the person in charge of the event…
  • Nikki: I-Is that so? Uh…oh, I remember your trailer is the one over there, right? You…
  • Sofia: (Suddenly smiles) Nikki…you’re not here for an autograph, are you? You’re here because you’re suspicious of Hiber.
  • Nikki: Eh…
  • Sofia: There’s no need to hide the truth from me. I’ve actually been watching you from afar for a while now, and I’m here because I want to speak to you.
  • Nikki: Hmm?
  • Sofia: I’ve been so busy these last two days that I haven’t had the chance to see Hiber. It seems our rehearsal times were mixed up, and the necklace she wore that day…
  • Sofia: How should I say this? If she really stole the Star Lily, she will have done something to disguise it and hide it on her person to avoid raising suspicion.
  • Nikki: I thought about that too. And if you think about it, she was the person closest to the Star Lily back then, as well as the person who stirred up a panic in the dark…
  • Sofia: And she was wearing that elaborate old-style dress; with her skills, hiding a necklace somewhere in it would have been perfectly possible.
  • Nikki: You’re right…if she was the culprit, then it would explain why the officials weren’t able to find a single suspicious clue at the crime scene afterwards.
  • Sofia: I heard that she was escorted to the library by two workers after the incident. Aside from those three, the rest of the people at the scene were in the gallery being questioned.
  • Nikki: Hmm, that would give her a chance to figure out how to move the necklace without anyone knowing.
  • Sofia: She was hurt, so she could have easily distracted two sympathetic workers. Honestly, if we hadn’t brushed past one another backstage, I never would have suspected her.
  • Nikki: But this is all still just my speculation, and I haven’t found any evidence to incriminate Hiber. Even if it was her, I’m sure she would have moved the Star Lily by now…
  • Sofia: Hmm…do you have any other suspects?
  • Nikki: Yes. That man over there, Shade. I still haven’t completely cleared him of suspicion,,,
  • Momo: Actually, judging by his behavior…it’s possible he didn’t even what the Star Lily was, and just treated it like an ordinary necklace…
  • Sofia: Sigh…theres no point thinking this much about it. If I know Hiber, she will not have completely hidden the Star Lily yet. Why don’t we just wait here for her to return?
  • Nikki: Huh? Is it okay to wait here?
  • Sofia: Aren’t you for a precious signature of Hiber, the shining star of fashion? And since we know each other, I simply help you achieve your dream…
  • Nikki: Oh…that’s so clever of you!
  • Sofia: Nikki, believe in your instincts and judgement. If Hiber really stole the Star Lily, even she won’t be able to escape in the face of incriminating evidence.
  • Sofia: As for that evidence, allow me to help you in your search for the Star Lily!
  • Nikki: Ah! I can’t thank you enough, Sofia!
  • Sofia: There’s no need to thank me. Just like you, I don’t want my first time here to be spoiled by the disappearance of the carnival’s main attraction, either.
  • Nikki: Agreed! Now let’s work together and confront Hiber face to face!

Suspect Edit

Clue from Timi: Who stole the Star Lily? Everyone at the opening ceremony is suspicious.

  • Lisa: Ah, same old. What a disappointing interference.
  • Noah: It's was in pity dark that Star Lily was stolen so nobody saw anything.
  • Shade: I don’t know what you are talking about.
  • Hiber: Sorry, I still got a lot to do. Excuse me.

Clue from Aron: When the light was on, she could walk out of the exhibition hall under the cover of the cello.

  • Lisa: It's just temporary blackout. Don't worry.
  • Noah: Compared to racking your mind to search for the amulet, a magic show
  • Shade: I don't know what you are talking about.
  • Hiber: Sorry, I still got a lot to do. Excuse me.

Clue from Cali: The camera of Cali happened to record the movement of Lisa.

  • Lisa: In such a short time, to avoid the capture of the cameras and the [Valid]
  • Noah: Compared to racking your mind to search for the amulet, a magic show
  • Shade: I don't know what you are talking about.
  • Hiber: Sorry, I still got a lot to do. Excuse me.

Clue from Annabel: He went to the quietest area on the day in the reading room. He was seen in a hurry yesterday too.

  • Lisa: Ah, same old. What a disappointing inference.
  • Noah: Compared to racking your mind to search for the amulet, a magic show
  • Shade: Star Lily?... It has nothing to do with me.
  • Hiber: Sorry, I still got a lot to do. Excuse me.

Clue from Starlet: Noah was around when the case happened. He could leave with amulet mixed in his magic stuff.

  • Lisa: Ah, same old. What a disappointing inference.
  • Noah: I was preparing the show before the blackout, and compared to it, the girls
  • Shade: I don't know what you are talking about.
  • Hiber: Sorry, I still got a lot to do. Excuse me.

Clue from Winter: He didn't leave and he accepted the inquiry, and no trace of Star Lily was seen.

  • Lisa: Ah, same old. What a disappointing inference.
  • Noah: Hey? Still no Star Lily? But they went through everything I have. What a [Valid]
  • Shade: I don't know what you are talking about.
  • Hiber: Sorry, I still got a lot to do. Excuse me.

Clue from Kaja: He's been rehearsing around these days and didn't talk with others a lot.

  • Lisa: Ah, same old. What a disappointing interference.
  • Noah: Compared to racking your mind to search for the amulet, a magic show
  • Shade: I'm not the person you are looking for.
  • Hiber: Sorry, I still got a lot to do. Excuse me.

Clue from Toto: She was wearing a big dress with bustle. Her heel was broken so others helped her out.

  • Lisa: Ah, same old. What a disappointing interference.
  • Noah: Compared to racking your mind to search for the amulet, a magic show
  • Shade: I don't know what you are talking about.
  • Hiber: My feet hurt. I'd wish to get rid of the suit right now and find myself a

Clue from Sofia: She walked out with a ruby amulet on her neck. I was in a hurry so I don't remember the details.

  • Lisa: Ah, same old. What a disappointing interference.
  • Noah: Compared to racking your mind to search for the amulet, a magic show
  • Shade: I don't know what you are talking about.
  • Hiber: There are so many gem necklaces. Why can't I wear one? [Valid]

Note: Due to the constraints of the dialog box, some of the suspects' full dialogue could not be read.

Criminal (Finale) Edit

Criminal: Hiber

  • Sibel: Hmph...what are you doing here? Go on, speak.
  • Nikki: You stole the Star Lily, didn’t you?
  • Sibel: you have any evidence to be making such accusations at me?
  • Nikki: I...still haven’t found the Star Lily. but Sofia knows how you operate, and with her help we’ll find it in no time!
  • Sibel: What’s that supposed to mean?!
  • Nikki: It was you who planned the power outage that day was your doing, wasn’t it? The breaker box for the gallery showed signs of tampering.
  • Momo: That’s right! Sofia recognized your work; you set it up to blow the fuse just as you got to the middle of the stage at the height of the event.
  • Sibel: I never thought you could be so thorough...but as everyone saw, I was the victim that day. The necklace was stolen from me, I was shoved down, and my legs were injured.
  • Nikki: It was all part of your master plan. By screaming and using your tears and injury as your alibi, you earned everyone’s sympathy and confidence.
  • Sibel: Haha, what are you talking about? I’m just a helpless model, nothing more.
  • Nikki Because you got hurt, no one thought to suspect you. From when the lights went out to the investigation afterwards, you were completely surrounded by plenty of possible suspects.
  • Sibel: So go investigate them, instead.
  • Nikki: No. Remember that flash in the dark? A reporter’s camera captured the image of the one person who most easily could have made off with the Star Lily.
  • Nikki: Also, it were you who screamed out and sent everyone into a panic in the dark. That way, their voices would have masked any sound you made as you hid the Star Lily.
  • Sibel: Then explain this: how could I have possible left the scene with the Star Lily in my possession?
  • Nikki: You and Sofia competed beforehand for the privilege of wearing it for the finale, but you willingly gave up. That isn’t something a strong-willed person like you would normally do.
  • Nikki: I think you originally planned to run off with the Star Lily in the dark. Three minutes would be more than enough if you took your shoes off.
  • Sibel: Hmm…not a bad deduction, but I undeniably did fall down and get hurt. Therefore, your deduction has no ground to stand on.
  • Nikki: It’s true you did fall down. Because everyone was silent in the dark, you needed to do this in order to stir up a panic. Conveniently, you could also pretend to be the victim.
  • Nikki: When the lights came on, the necklace was gone, but your dress was as an excellent hiding place. You weren’t the first to leave, but you used your injury to make a quick exit.
  • Nikki: I suspected the workers who left first, as well as the magician and a mysterious man who was seen following you out of the room.
  • Nikki: But the workers’ innocence was captured on camera, and the magician didn’t move at all. They all submitted to questioning without a problem. As for that man…
  • Momo: He’s far too removed from other people. I highly doubt he even knows what the Star Lily is…
  • Nikki: Although his name isn’t completely cleared, but thanks to someone’s tip-off and my discussion with Sofia, everything suddenly became clear to me.
  • Nikki Their actions were independent of the power outage, and you? Too many things that happened surround you; if you look at everything together, it adds up to a flawless performance.
  • Sibel: ...Preposterous. Why would I go through all of this trouble, all of this scheming, just for some necklace?
  • Nikki: That all depends on how you feel. Your rivalry with Sofia wasn’t just to decide who got to be the finale’s model. You wanted to use the necklace to prove something to your family.
  • Momo: Also, Sofia just contacted me…and told me she found the Star Lily in the place you’re currently living in!
  • Sibel: Well done...It seems I can’t run any longer.
  • Nikki: So why did you really steal the Star Lily?
  • Sibel: You said it yourself, remember? The priceless, unattainable Star Lily…I wanted to use it to prove myself to my family. It would’ve made for a favorable offering, don’t you agree?
  • Nikki: You......
  • Sibel: Don’t you want your autograph? I’m still Hiber, after all... consider it a reward for your bravery and hard work. You win this time, Detective Nikki. Until next time...
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