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In the detective game Debbie started, the renowned case Secret of Lily was re-staged. Where did the priceless Star Lily go? Accept Commission and set up to find Star Lily and gain Inference Note. Collect Testimony, find out the criminal, and unveil the secret of lost Star Lily.
— Event text

The Star Lily Case Files event ran from September 4th to October 3rd, 2018. The event featured the Everlasting Melody suit.

How to Play[edit | edit source]

This event had three sections that were to be switched between:

  • Crime Scenes: Complete crime scenes to earn rewards and unlock Witnesses.
  • Witnesses: Talking to each witness adds an item to the player's Testimony list.
  • Suspects: Choose an item in the Testimony list when talking to a suspect and see how they respond. Eventually the player will narrow down which suspect stole the Star Lily.

5 free Inference Note.png (Inference Note) were given per day and 5 more could be bought for 30 Diamonds each. Purchases were limited to 2 purchases per day.

The full event required 100Inference Note.png, making it possible to complete in 25 days without spending diamonds.

Event Sections[edit | edit source]

Crime Scene[edit | edit source]

Each crime scene must be completed in order to unlock the next one. Each requires 25Inference Note.png.

Each crime scene had a different challenge to solve and prizes are awarded at certain milestones.

  • Museum: Compete in a styling battle against Debbie.
  • Library: Solve logic puzzles (chosen randomly)
  • Cafe: Compete in a styling battle against Ace.
  • Gym: Solve a puzzle. Click on a piece and then click on where the desired location. It is not possible to drag and drop. The pieces would only go into their respective spots.
Location Explorations
5 10 15 25
Museum 8,888 Gold 30 Stamina 10 Starlight Coin Luna Lily
Brilliant Heart
Library 12,888 Gold 30 Stamina 15 Starlight Coin Prison of Fate
Pale Color
Cafe 16,888 Gold 50 Stamina 20 Starlight Coin Riptide
One Step
Gym 28,888 Gold 50 Stamina 30 Starlight Coin Melody Under the Moon
Everlasting Melody

Witness[edit | edit source]

As the crime scenes were completed, the Witnesses who gave the player clues would become unlocked. There are 9 Witnesses in total:

  1. Timi
  2. Aron
  3. Cali
  4. Annabel
  5. Starlet
  6. Winter
  7. Kaja
  8. Toto
  9. Sofia

To read their dialogue, visit this page.

Suspect[edit | edit source]

Use the clues gained from the witnesses to confront the suspects. There are 4 suspects: Lisa, Noah, Shade, and Hiber.

To read the clues and responses, visit this page.

Criminal[edit | edit source]

To receive the reward, confront the suspects with the last clue and finish the criminal dialogue. The reward could be claimed in the front (before the event sections).

Completion Reward: Maple and Violin, 100 Diamonds

Logic Puzzle Solutions[edit | edit source]

These logic puzzles are used for the Library portion of the event.[1]

"A gift is hidden among four boxes with notes. Only one note is correct. Please find out the box with gift. (1) Pink box: The gift is hidden in the white box. (2) Tender yellow box: The gift is in red box, not here. (3) White box: I don't have the gift. (4) Red box: Pink box has that gift."

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Tender yellow box

Four guests live in four different Homes. (1) Kimi's home is mostly black and white with Wintersweet. (2) Bobo's home is Lilith with rabbit and candies. (3) Louie has a fireplace and his home looks natural. (4) Ace has a swimming pool and it's night outside. Which option is wrong?

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Ace-Cat Café

Momo, Ace, Nikki and Bobo tried different types of wagashi. Please find out the one who ate strawberry wagashi. (1) Momo: My wagashi was not in strawberry flavor. (2) Nikki did not eat strawberry wagashi. (3) Ace: I had a red bean one. (4) Nikki: Momo may have eaten a pork floss one.

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Momo's take-away was eaten by someone, but only one of them — Ace, Nikki and Bobo — said the truth. (1) Nikki: Ace ate it. (2) Ace:It wasn't me. (3) Bobo: Nor me. According to the clues, who ate Momo's take-away?

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Nikki, Ace, Mela and Ransa came to meet in a café. (1) Nikki was not the first to come. (2) Ace came right after Nikki. (3) Mela was either the first nor the last to come. (4) Ransa was not the second to come. Who is the first to come?

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Nikki and Momo is eating breakfast in a small restaurant, where has no drinks except mineral water. The question is: what kind of food is unavailable in this restaurant?

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This puzzle was badly translated. The correct answer is actually Mineral water.

Nikki, Kaja and Mela went to a party. (1) They wear Gentle Waiter, Stripe Gentleman, and Kaitou Gentleman. (2) Nobody wears a full suit. (3) Mela wear the bottom of Stripe Gentleman. (4) Kaja wear the top of Kaitou Gentleman. Who wear the bottom of Kaitou Gentleman?

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On 6th May, Toto received a gift from a boyfriend. (1) Mr. Aries only sent Toto present in his own birthday month. (2) Mr. Pisces only met Toto once. (3) Mr. Taurus sent Toto a present before. According to the clues, who sent the present?

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Mr. Taurus

Some books of Lily Design School were damaged. A 300-page book lost page 21-30 when Timi borrowed it. There were 290 pages at that time. Several days later when Timi came back, page 144-163 were gone too. How pages are left?

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The orchestra prepared four pieces to be played on the exhibition, and they had never practised Vivaldi, so which one of the following pieces could not be played on the scene?

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The Four Seasons

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