Spring Breeze Green Leaf is the 30th set automatically given to the player for signing in every day for 30 days. It does not have an official completion award as it is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

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When awakening in warm Spring, she saw green mountains, clear streams, and a young girl with a tender smile.
Wake Up from A Long Dream

She used to be a seed dropped by a bird, then she took root. So she was very grateful to the girl's everyday visit.
Spring Breeze Green Leaf

Roots embrace the earth, and branches bathe the sunshine. The rose raises green bud, hoping to bloom with the girl.
Bud after Rain

The Wild Rose blossomed, but the young girl disappeared. The wind brought the news the girl fell seriously ill.
Pluck A Green Branch

The Wild Rose missed the young girl. Although she could only bloom alone, the rose hopes to cheer up the girl.
Picking Flower Cluster

When she was blooming full of vigor, she gave her benediction to the young girl, hoping the girl to get well soon.
Blessing from Rose

Interpretation Edit

The suit is told from the perspective of a wild rose on the mountain, which begun from a seed dropped by a bird that later took root. A girl began to visit her everyday, but she learned one day that the girl had gotten very sick. The rose couldn't do anything about it from her spot, but hoped that the girl could get well soon.

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