Spirits are items that you can collect through the Dream Weaver Institute in Love Nikki that can help you complete levels. You may also use them in the Stylist's Arena, Competitions, and Free Dressing.

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List of Spirits Edit

# Item
1Soul of Sword
2Millenary Dream
3Dual Swords
4Dim Cloud
5Guqin Sound
6Decadent Music
7Stringless Sound
8Stringless Guqin
9Newborn Feather
10Dawn Hatchling
11Blue Messenger
12Blue Phoenix's Letter
13Glory Soul
14Glory Medal
15Glory Pen
16Glory Umbrella
17Lonely Years
18Lonely Drink
19Vintage Entanglement
20Victory Wine
21Hare and March
22Hare and Secret
23Hare and Dream
24Hare and Destiny
25Spirit of Magic
26Book of Dreams
27Star Moon Covenant
28Star Magic Circle
29Primal Bow
30Retribution Arrow
31Sunk Feather
32Frost Longbow
33Spirit of Time
34Childlike Magic
35Momentary Wand
36Wand of Time
45Deer's Whisper
46Deer and Willow
47Deer and Brook
48Deer and Cliff
53 Snow on Begonia
54 Reflection of Begonia
55 Lovesick Begonia
56 Night Begonia
61Night Prelude
62Toy March
63Cliff Polka
64Stardust Waltz
81Memory Spark
82Flickering Meteor
83Snowy Night Sakura
84Time Flower Rain
89Beginning of a Long Night
90Starry Night Glasses
91Windy Night Helmet
92Dark Night Motor
101 Blue Sky Chant
102 Mountain and River Volume
103 Agelong Volume
104 Morning Cloud Volume
117 Bear Phantom
118 Pearl Bear
119 Stardream Bear
120 Guardian Bear
141 Childhood Reminiscence
142 Carefree Dream
143 Romantic Flower Language
144 Sunflower Blossom
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