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Welcome to the Wiki! Please read our rules and our format before editing. Reading the item format guide is especially important before creating item pages.

Ongoing Projects

There are a number of specific things we'd like help with, if you'd like somewhere else to start!

  • Some clothing items need better descriptions. If you enjoy writing informative but succinct descriptions of what an article of clothing looks like, please visit the "pages that need improvement" category and edit the appearance section of these clothing items.
    • Items needing better descriptions are not limited to those in this category, so feel free to improve any you may see that are lacking.
  • Some suits are missing a summary explaining the story behind the suit. These pages have the category "pages that need lore improvement". Just find the "interpretation" part of the page and write about the story of the suit!
  • Some suits are advertised with an image displaying makeup, even though the suit itself does not have makeup. Usually, this makeup already exists in the game. For these suits, the name of the makeup can be added to a "Trivia" section at the bottom of the page.
  • Some items don't have images or suitable images. Please add screenshots of the items they're about to articles with the category "no image"!
  • Some suit names need translations. If you know another language that the game has an official translation in, check the category "translation needed" and choose a subcategory based on the language to help out!
  • Lists of Furniture in the Wiki are behind. For the pages to edit, see the Furniture category. For help with icons, visit this page.
  • Some files need renaming. Please see Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen! Wiki:File Renaming for a list.


We always need more editors to help out with the regular updates the game receives. A full to-do list of updating the gameplay side of the wiki for updates, created by Lwgph, can be found here.

New suit pages generally take up the most time for updates, and you can find a dynamic list on the loading dock. Each suit listed should explain exactly which parts of the page are still missing.

Other Projects

If you have a detailed suggestion regarding a significant change to the format of a page or a series of pages (such as suit pages or event pages), we would love if you visited our discord server or contacted an administrator or mod before implementing the change. There are a lot of things to consider when changing the format of a page, including whether the change benefits or harms the mobile experience and whether we could make any templates or use other tools to help.

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