Sound of Pistil is the 39th Monthly Sign-In suit. It does not have a completion reward as it is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

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In a May afternoon, the coffee shop is full of sunshine. She sits by the window, looking out leisurely.
Grey Purple Curl

Nikki checked her phone, it is a photo of Timi's new poem. The poem is so tender and warm.
Blue Gauze Sleeves

The next is Toto's. As expected, it's a selfie of her and her boyfriend. Nikki quickly responded with a meme.
Sound of Pistil

Annabel's photo album finally came. But after they opened it, it's eight named files with empty contents.
Left Speechless

'Nikki, which coffee shop are you in?' It's Kimi's message. Nikki texted her the store's name.
Twisted Robbons

'You must be Lady Kimi's friend.' After a while, a servant came with a cup of coffee.
Kimi's Crystal Chain

Interpretation Edit

The suit describes Nikki sitting in a coffee shop one May afternoon. She checks her phone and sees some new messages. One is a tender poem by Timi that she shared with her. Another is a selfie of Toto and her boyfriend, which prompts Nikki to reply with a meme. Annabel finally sends a photo album, but it turns out to only be eight empty files - likely referring to how Annabel tends to procrastinate or slack off with her manga. Another message is from Kimi, who wants to know which coffee shop Nikki is in. Nikki sends her the name, and after some time, a waitress brings her a cup of coffee, implying it's from Kimi.

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