While wandering souls on the Miraland are seeking salvation, riddles are deeply hidden in the requiem.
— Event text

The Soul Requiem event ran from October 8th to 12th, 2017.

How to Play Edit

Players were given the recipes for Soul Lamp and Phantom Ghost in the mail. They then had to solve riddles to find out what stages to go to for the uninvolved parts of the Soul Requiem suit, which can then be customized into the Sanctity Aria suit.

Riddles Edit

Item Riddle Stage
Nightmare Seashore cities in rainy seasons have a tranquil beauty. 4-1Princess Level
Thorns Necklace Besides making you inspired, hot springs are also perfect places for dating! 3-6Maiden Level
Thorns Bracelet You are interested in me? You got plenty of time to know me in the future. 4-5Princess Level
Soul Requiem Quarrels are a show off of love, till the whole world is replete with love itself. 5-4Princess Level
Midnight Wander The first meeting with Kimi! 5-10Princess Level
Dark Thorns The hide-and-seek in the Flower Field begins! 6-4Maiden Level
Dream Nocturne The lonely beauty in the ancient building turns out to be quite a chatterbox. 6-7Maiden Level


Soul RequiemEdit

Sanctity AriaEdit

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