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Song of Blaze is a North suit that can be obtained through evolution; parts of it dropped in Princess mode of V1: Chapter 12 Chaos in City. The suit is also customizable.

Completion Prize: 40 Diamonds.

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Customized (Garnet)[]

Customized (Dark Blue)[]


In North, everyone is born with tenacity. Freezing wind and blazing fire make them even stronger.
Song of Blaze

When she was a child, she hoped one day she was able to put on the handsome uniform of her father.
Valiant Image

The surging desire almost devours her. Her innate belligerence and wildness are about to burst.
Iron and Rose

Finally, she reached the age to join the army. She was so excited to wear the real uniform.
Black White Faith

She admits that she is ambitious that cannot be satisfied by this little cap.
Soldier Cap

She used up all her strength and completed the test, winning her the best accolade in life.
Song of Blaze-Rare

Now she finally realized her childhood dream to join the army of storm and fire.
Valiant Image-Rare

Intensive training exhausts her, but cannot crush her. It is the fortitude and pride of North people
Iron and Rose-Rare

No matter how bad the weather is, they'll never fear. To survive is a victory.
Black White Faith-Rare

The best weapon in the world is yourself. Only improving it can you go further.
Song of Blaze-Epic

She walked through the arduous path of an officer. Blood and sweat lead her to success.
Officer Coat

She was a brave one on the battlefield, and defend her motherland with everything she had.
Valiant Image-Epic

She is no longer that little girl who used to long for putting on her father's military uniform.
Iron and Rose-Epic

Female officers are the minority in the North, but she still walked a way of her own.
Black White Faith-Epic

Success cannot make her halt, and her steps will never stop.
Officer Cap

As a female officer of the Army Corps, the whole army is awed by her iron will and way.
Iron-willed Whip

In the baptism of fire and storm, she heard the gunfire nearby. She began to thirst for fighting.
Hold of Faith

Blood is the symbol of war, medal is an honor to soldiers. But her glory is more.
Song of Blaze-Orchid

Only those through war know how cruel could it be, and truly understand what she has changed.
Officer Coat-Garnet

Blood and pain are what every soldier has to experience. Through these can they grow really strong.
Valiant Image-Garnet

She could stay away from the front line, but she insists to engage battle herself.
Iron and Rose-Garnet

No order of retreat received, everyone has to stand his position. That's her and her way.
Song of Blaze-Purple

As an officer, she has to stay calm and steady the morale.
Officer Coat-Dark Blue

War is a chess and soldiers are but pawns. However, without the pawns, there is only loss.
Valiant Image-Ink Blue

When she was young, she thought she could also spend much time with parents as a soldier.
Iron and Rose-White


The descriptions of the three suits' parts tell the story of a young woman from the North Kingdom, the daughter of a famous military officer who's determined to be a good soldier.

The base descriptions are about her childhood and how she strove to join the army and wear the same uniform her father had. The rare descriptions explain that her training was exhausting to her, but she persevered through the intensive training and bad weather.

The original one talks a bit about the harsh living conditions in the North, a very cold land whose citizens organize themselves through the army. The protagonist longs to go up in the ranks ever since she tried on her father's uniform as a little girl, and begins to train hard so she can fill her dream. She becomes one of the few high-ranked female army officers and develops a taste for fighting.

The dark red customization speaks about the girl, now a powerful officer, and how she engages personally into battle no matter what. She could perfectly stay behind as the leader she is, but insists in fighting with her soldiers because fighting is what makes her and her crew strong.

The dark blue recolor finishes the story. The protagonist and her unit are fighting desperately in what's implied to be a losing battle: she stays with them even as they begin to fall, and she's implied to fall in battle as well.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Song of Blaze N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Chanson de Feu Song of Fire
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 烈火之歌 (lièhuǒ zhī gē) Raging Fire Song
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
烈火之歌 (lièhuǒ zhī gē) Song of Raging Fire
Japanese Flag.png Japan 烈火の歌 (Rekka no Uta) Raging Fire Song
Korean Flag.png South Korea 불의 노래 (bul-ui norea) Fire Song
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Lagu Api Membara Burning Fire Song
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Nữ Bá Tước CountessCT
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Song of Blaze N/A