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Snowy Plum Blossoms (previously called Wintersweet) is the 21st Monthly Sign-In suit. It appears in the Gallery section of the Collection.

Completion Prize: 2,000 Gold

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Item Descriptions[]

There may be heavy snow in winter at the north of Cloud. This is a sign of harvest in the old people's eyes.
Snow Welcomes Spring

The wintersweet blooming in winter represents integrity and aloofness in the eyes of poets.

Chatting by the fireside was the best in winter. Writers liked heat wine, but I only wanted to drink hot and sweet pear juice.
Fireside Chats

A bird is frightened and I'm all alone. The wind is strong and the mountain is covered with snow.
Snow on Mountains

When winter came, Zhu Yuxian thought of the mushy rice balls cooked by 15-year-old Ming Shuiyuan. They ate and looked at stars.
Melting Rice Ball

What Ming Shuiyuan missed most when she lived in Zhu Palace was the snowy days in her childhood.
Ode to Frost


The set describes Ming Shuiyuan and Zhu Yuxian's memories and thoughts about Cloud winters. Ming Shuiyuan lived in Zhu Palace for some time, which is located in Southern Cloud, and she missed the snowy days from her own childhood, as she grew up in Northern Cloud. She also cooked him rice balls when she was fifteen and looked at the stars together.