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This article is about the North Kingdom suit. For the white hair, please see Snow Wolf (Hair).

Snow Wolf is a North suit that appeared in the Dawn Front Event.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Snowfield Spirit, Shotgun and 30 Diamond.png.

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High wind brings the gunfire and the howling of the wolves from the boundless snowfield.
Snow in Wind

Claudia occasionally dreamed of that scarlet world, where the cries and cracks like the evil incantation.
Eventful Years

The sun cannot warm the snowfield. Be a hunter, or a prey. This is the rule of snowfield.
Snowfield Hunter

Claudia has seen the hideous face and the greedy heart. But they have made her path to the snowfield.
Cold Night Arrival

Snow falls silently. Killing should be quick and decisive. Superfluous action and hesitation are fatal flaws.
Hunting Trails

The faithful and violent guardian hide in the mysterious snowfield dungeon, expelling the malicious.

Claudia fought the Wolf King for territory, and came through fierce battles. She is the symbol of guard.
King of Snowland

The plain scene of snowfield is ruined by a group of uninvited visitors. The wind reminds her that turbulence.
Frosty War Tattoo

In the chilly night, Claudia opened her eyes again. She never knew about a retreat. She has loaded the gun.

Even facing numerous enemies, Claudia never feared. A true warrior should not slip away.
Snowfield Spirit

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