The Snow Corridor is a snowy gorge located in the west of North Kingdom in the Arctic Mountains. It is described as frigid and uninhabitable with cold gusts of wind.[1]

History Edit

Year 677 Edit

During this year, Gray Raven (Morrison) recruited Louie on a mission to retrieve an "experimental dossier" from the Snow Corridor. However, upon arriving, Louie discovered that Gray Raven was actually trying to steal the key to the Blood Curse from the fortress guarded by the Nameless Chivalric Order. After Louie joined the Nameless Chivalric Order to find out the truth behind Gray Raven's goals, a skirmish broke out between the Nameless Chivalric Order and Gray Raven, Nidhogg, and Shade at Gray Raven's lab.[2]

Locations Edit

Fortress Edit

The fortress located at the end of the Snow Corridor is guarded by the Nameless Knights. Inside is kept what's said to be the key to the Blood Curse. The Nameless Knights wear their uniform of white robes and carry spears as they walk around it, ready to defend what's inside from outsiders.[1]

Laboratory Edit

Gray Raven owned a laboratory nestled deep in the mountains near the Snow Corridor. It was protected by a sturdy iron gate and locked with a code, with the control panel inside an iron patch on the gate. The inside of the lab was filled with an incubator and incubation tubes, big enough to hold a human. There was also a secret doorway leading to a secret basement, which exited into a tunnel.[3]

It was uninhabited in the beginning of the year 677, but still had defense mechanisms set up inside it. One of these was the temperature, which would lower quickly upon any intruders entering. Damage to the devices inside it would also trigger the defense system. However, the defense system could be bypassed by cutting off the power.[3]

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Snow Corridor
France Flag International (French) Couloir des Neiges
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 深雪回廊 (Shēnxuě huíláng)
Korean Flag South Korea 눈의희랑 (Nun-uihuilang)

References Edit

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