When the day is warm, the Snow Queen sleeps. When the winter comes, she will wake up in the chaste snow...
— Event text

The Snow Ball event ran from January 20th to 26th, 2018.

How to Play Edit

There was an event map with 5 stages. Completing those stages earned the player Snowflake(Snowflakes). The score is converted into Snowflakes; every 5,000 points scored rewarded a Snowflake.

Exchange the Snowflake for the unevolved parts of the Vernal Maid suit. Collecting certain amount of Snowflake allowed players to claim the recipes for the Snow Queen suit. This did not affect the amount of Snowflake players have. 6,219Snowflakewere needed to complete the Vernal Maid set and 9,583Snowflaketo complete the Snow Queen set.

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