Sky and the Sea
Sky and the Sea
I often dreamed of the sea you described in your letter. Blue and silver, with gentle waves and endless views.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hidden Suit
Color(s): Blue/White/Pink
Recolor(s): Pink/Black/Blue
Obtained by: Stage drops in Volume 2, Chapter 2

Sky and the Sea is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from V2: Chapter 2 Moonlit Escapade (Maiden). It is also customizable.

Wardrobe Edit

Customized (Pink) Edit

Lore Edit

Hope this letter finds you well. I've received the hairband, shiny like the starry sea. I like it.
Tangled Love

I often dreamt of the sea you described in your letter. Blue and silver, with gentle waves and boundless views.
Sky and the Sea

How is the weather there? Today the sky is blue here, the clouds look like the waves in your photo.
Azure Tranquility

I like to step in the river near my house. I always feel the water would take me to you.
Gorgeous Dream

Every time I write, I feel that I can travel with it, then fall on a drop of water, and touch your fingertips.
Dancing Butterfly

The bag you sent this time... looks very interesting. Can you tell me its story in the next letter?
Bird Anecdotes

Hope it finds you well. I'm glad you like the gift. Next time, let me take you to the real starry river.
Golden Sun

The sea has many colors. The day will come when we're together watching tides and waves to collect its colors.
Colors of Sea

I took a picture of the first sunlight after rain through dark clouds. I'll print it and send it to you next time.
Dark Clouds Gone

A poet said, every river finally goes into the sea. So, there will be a day you finally come and hug me.
Gorgeous Thought

Every time when I receive your letter, I began expecting the next one.
Spinning Butterfly

The bag ... It's a long story. I want to keep you in suspense. Forgive my little selfishness.
Bird Episodes

The suit is about two people who write each other letters, with each customization of the suit representing one person. The customized version of the suit represents the traveler, who sends pictures and gifts along with their letters. The original version of the suit represents the person at home, who dutifully writes back with gratitude and questions. Both miss each other dearly, and find that the scenery around them reminds them of the other. They both await the day when they are reunited once more.

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