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This article is about the suit. For hair from Kindred Earl, please see Silver Moon Night (Hair).

Silver Moon Night
Silver Moon Night
She wore a simple silver dress for the finale of the first fashion show. Assistants disagree, but she was determined.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hidden Suit
Color(s): Black/White
Obtained by: Kimi's Dreamland

Silver Moon Night is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from Kimi's Dreamland, Time Sparkle.

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Lore Edit

She still remembered the afternoon when Lady Crescent helped her modify the design. It was her warmest memory.
Asteriscus Curls

She wore a simple silver dress for the finale of the first fashion show. Assistants disagreed, but she was determined.
Silver Moon Night

She began to learn styling and design thanks to Lady Crescent. She hopes people can see the starlight in her eyes.
Eternal Starlight

Rawding Academy finally accepted her. People praised her talents, but she knew without Lady Crescent, she could do nothing.
Star Diamond

Like Lady Crescent, she also teaches children in house of charity and helps young designers because Lady Crescent is her idol.
Star Stone Necklace

She made this silver dress for the starlight that guided her through confusion, but she was back in heaven. What a pity!
Star Stone Water-drop

The kids in the Children's Home always look forward to Lady Crescent. Besides desserts and gifts, she brings future and hope.
Star Stone Purse

The suit is about a young Kimi and her mother, Lady Crescent. Her fondest memory is of Crescent helping her to modify the design of a dress. Kimi took her mother's help and support with her even after she passed away, and was accepted to Rawding Academy. Like her mother, she also went to help at the Children's House and tried to be just like her.

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