Shiny Spring[1] is a hidden suit that could be obtained from the Vernal Verse event.

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Red Easter Egg represents the joy of the arrival of Goddess of Life. So what about the red hair?
New Birth

As Easter draws near, the showcases of candy shop will be filled with chocolate eggs, and toy shop rabbit dolls.
Shiny Spring

Rabbit symbolizes revitalization and rebirth. In the same time, it's the pet of Cupid, herald of earth god.
Fluffy Shorts

Rabbit Race is another major event during the festival. Change into this boots and sport with cute rabbits!
Rabbit Race

Legend has it that rabbits will hide Easter Eggs, so anything related to the rabbit will be popular.
Gray Rabbit Ear

Sunlight shines upon grassland. The color of flowers bursts. Spring has come.
Overflowing Spring

An umbrella and a rabbit toy, hohoho. Another Easter top seller is born!
Carrot Umbrella

In the time when Spring comes back and everything prospers, the future will definitely go better.
Festival Egg

References Edit

  1. The name Shiny Spring is unofficial, as there was no name given by the game or official account.

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