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Shining Nikki (闪耀暖暖) is a mobile game developed by Paper Studio (previously named SuZhou Nikki Co., Ltd). It is the fourth game in the Nikki Up2U series.


Being the successor of Love Nikki, Shining Nikki acts as its sequel as well. In order to prevent a future where Miraland is destroyed, Nikki travels back in time to year 0 in a structure called "the Ark". Her mission is to stop Lierlide—the man responsible for Miraland's destruction—and defeat him.[1]

For more information on the characters, please see Shining Nikki Characters.


Similarly to Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen!, Shining Nikki is a dress-up game with RPG elements. The player plays as Nikki herself and uses her as a model through various styling battles while wearing a variety of clothing obtained through gameplay and with the aid of "The Shadow of Designer". The Shadow of Designers are basically cards of the designers of the suit. The player could upgrade, star up and "awake" them to strengthen the cards' power in styling battles and unlock dyed clothes, personal information of the designers and stories of them when they designed that certain suit.

There is a linear progression of stages as well as various other ways to create and win clothing.



Country/Region Title Romanized English
Mainland China 闪耀暖暖 Shǎnyào nuǎn nuǎn Shining Nikki
Hong Kong/Taiwan 閃耀暖暖 Shǎnyào nuǎn nuǎn Shining Nikki


Country/Region Date Publishers
Hong Kong/Taiwan April 10, 2019 (Open beta) PWB Play Entertainment
Mainland China August 6, 2019 Paper Studio / SuZhou Nikki Co., Ltd

Regional Remarks Edit

Taiwan/Hong Kong Edit

There are two separate servers for this version. Players with a UID beginning in 1 will play in the first server (一區), while players with a UID beginning in 2 will play in the second server (二區). Players can choose which server to play in when they start their game. The servers are also named after locations in Shining Nikki, with the first server being named after Luodeng City (洛登城) and the second server named after Qingyun City (傾雲城).

Mainland China Edit

There are in total of seven servers for Mainland China: two for iOS, five for Android.


  • Shining Nikki bears a strong resemblance to Mr Love: Queen's Choice in terms of design and gameplay:
    • Music, art and UI design
    • The prevalence of the card (karma) system for artwork, story and scoring
    • Social media posts
    • Voice actors
  • Shining Nikki was featured in the Taiwanese edition of mina magazine, both on the cover and in a spread. The spread listed Nikki's favourite foods and snacks.

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