Before long, you will truly understand what sadness means... See you.
— Sherry to Bobo, in 14-3 Traveler from Cloud.

Sherry is a member of Queen Elle's Iron Rose Stylist Legion, which carries out her orders in regards to stealing designs and keeping Pigeon Kingdom's high position in Miraland.



Sherry has long, silvery straight hair that extends past her waist. She wears clothing typical of Pigeon, usually a deep burgundy dress with puffy sleeves and a long skirt. She's considered as very beautiful by those who meet her, including Nikki herself.


Sherry is a sharp-tongued young woman, who never smiles and is quite snippy to near everyone around her. The only time she's broken out of this is when she meets Ace and is shocked at the sight of her.[1]


Year 680 Edit

Sherry traveled from Pigeon to Lilith in order to compete in the Fantasy Styling Contest during this year. She was curious about Nikki's newfound popularity, and treasured the opportunity to compete with her.[2] When the rebellion begins at the end of the contest, Sherry escapes with Mela, who was also there to visit.[1]

During the contest, Sherry kept looking at Ace, and afterwards, she tried to find her again. She finally apprehended Nikki, Ace, and the rest of the group in the Republic of Wasteland, where they were searching for the Miracle Scroll. She insisted that Ace have a private conversation with her, and began to talk about Ace's purple hair when Ace cut her off and agreed to talk.[3] After the two talked, Ace decided to leave Wasteland.[4]

Together with the Iron Rose, she also helped bring the Dawnblade to Nikki in Cloud City under Elle's orders. She drove the airship into Cloud and landed it nearby, allowing Nikki to defeat Nidhogg. Then, taking out a scroll, she formally declared war on the League Till.[5][6] After this, she took Nikki and her friends back to the Iron Rose's camp outside Lor River City and parted ways with her then.[7]

Later that year, the Iron Rose disbanded, leaving Sherry upset. However, still loyal to Queen Elle, she let matters be and did not attempt to investigate the matter further like Ransa did. After Ransa and Nikki ran into her just outside Oren, she told them that she didn't agree with their persistence, but regardless, she helped them sneak into the city.[8][9]

Relationships Edit

Ransa Edit

Though Sherry and Ransa were part of the Iron Rose together, they took different paths after it ended, with Ransa pursuing the truth behind why it was disbanded and Sherry taking a more passive role in deference to Queen Elle. She envies Ransa's courage and perseverance, but helps her and Nikki regardless.[9] It's also implied that they have a long history together.[8]


  • "Smile... a useless expression..."
    — using Smile.
  • "You will be put in jails if you dress like that in Pigeon Kingdom."
    — using Critical Eye.
  • "If you want something, try to get it. Why expecting a gift?"
    — using Gift.
  • "Time's up, your awful performance should come to an end."
    — using Clock.
  • "Sleep peacefully, you are lost."
    — using Sleeping.


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