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Shade, known also by his former name Flynn, is a character in Love Nikki. In the past, he was a military officer of the Apple Federation, and Orlando's best friend. Currently, he is an assassin in league with Nidhogg and the League Tyr.



Shade is depicted as a man with messy white hair that covers his right eye, which is bandaged and also has an eye-patch over it. It is speculated that this eye may be injured.[14] His left eye is a dark red color. A long scar runs diagonally across his face. He wears a classic assassin suit reminiscent of a male version of the Assassin's Faith or the Beautiful Agent suit.

As Flynn, he had untidy short linen-colored blond hair.[1] Shade shares a number of key similarities with his 18-year-old self, including his voice, stature, and even the way he holds his gun. However, his hair and eye color are different.[14]


When he was Flynn, he was described as an energetic prankster with a knack for creating inventions. However, most of his inventions are very impractical and not useful for soldiers of Apple Federal, according to Orlando. He is very cunning and quite intelligent, having full marks in history class despite finding it boring.[18]

In the present as Shade, his personality seems very different from the past. He is mysterious, stoic, and cold, seeming to not care about, or possibly not remember, Orlando.[6] However, he shows a hint of his joking nature when he pretends to force Orlando to thank him for not killing him. Even though he works for Reid, Nidhogg, and Ozeca, and is allied with the Night Order, he only views the assignments they give him as tasks to be completed, and doesn't feel the need to follow any of their orders after he's done.[19]

Shade is unable to feel physical pain. This means that he also doesn't feel the effects of the Blood Curse.[20]


Due to Shade living under two names and identities, he will be referred to by the name he went by at the time of the events occurring.

Year 667[]

Flynn was a cadet at Apple Federal Military Academy during this year. This is when he first met Orlando, his roommate. They first spoke one night when Orlando was at the academy's observatory at the top of the hill. Flynn commended Orlando on his star chart before showing him something he had invented, which he called a "Star Tracker". It was meant to follow the track of the stars automatically when put on a telescope, but it broke after a few moments, to Orlando's amusement. Still, from that moment forwards, the two boys became best friends.[1]

Mr. Lancelot

Later this year, he and Orlando found a black cat called Mr. Lancelot, who, unbeknownst to them, belonged to a girl at a welfare house named Nina. However, upon learning that she couldn't keep Mr. Lancelot, Flynn implored Orlando to keep him at his house, to which he agreed. They invited her to spend weekends with them so she could keep seeing him. Flynn also told her to think of them as her brothers from then on, since she was alone.[21]

Year 668[]

After his mother Xinglin was caught for stealing the cure that would save Lady Crescent, journalists hounded him trying to find out more information. However, just like his mother, Flynn refused to answer their questions.[16]

Year 670[]

Flynn was still attending the military academy along with Orlando. They often competed for the top spot in the academy,[18] with Orlando getting roped into testing out Flynn's new inventions or his childish pranks.[22][23]

When the two young men graduated, they made a bet that whichever lost the title of 'Immortal Glory' in the final graduation ceremony, that he would owe the winner one unconditional promise or favor. The 'Immortal Glory' title is the highest honor a graduate of the military academy could receive.[24]

The final mission given to the cadets was to chase and pursue a terrorist and retrieve the design he stole. Orlando was appointed as the temporary commander.[25] The night before the mission began, Flynn showed Orlando a new invention he had made: an umbrella that functioned as an electromagnetic gun made of bulletproof material.[26]

During the mission, Flynn accompanied Orlando down to the base of the waterfall the terrorist was said to have jumped down, despite Orlando's reluctance to let him.[27] At the base, the group was surrounded by men of a terrorist organization called Viper, and fighting ensued.[28] During the battle, a terrorist attempted to shoot Orlando with a poison dart, and Flynn protected him with his body. Using Flynn's umbrella, Orlando was able to defeat Viper, at the cost of Flynn's life. Flynn supposedly died from the poison dart,[29] and Orlando carried his body out of the cave.[30]

At some point, Flynn ended up in the care of a doctor called Gray Raven, who operated on his brain. Some of his brain tissue was saved, but Flynn became unable to remember who he was. Following the surgery, he got a routine injection every month, which he was told had to be done because of the effects of his brain surgery. He was told lies about his past by officers of the League Tyr, such as that he had originally been from the North Kingdom.[12]

After this, Flynn was known as Shade. However, he was never seen until the year 677.[14]

Year 677[]

During this year, Gray Raven (under the name of Morrison) attempted to steal the key to the Blood Curse from the Nameless Chivalric Order. This resulted in a violent skirmish in the Snow Corridor in Gray Raven's lab. Shade was there, standing in the shadows, and he shot the leader of the Nameless Knights, Lionel, just as Lionel went to stab Gray Raven. He then silently went to stand behind Nidhogg. Louie, shocked, asked Nidhogg who Shade was, and Nidhogg replied that he was Gray Raven's magnum opus, a masterpiece that transcended the Blood Curse.[31]

Year 680[]

Orlando and Shade aiming their guns at each other

After the dress White Blossom was stolen and Kimi and Reid met at the headquarters of the Apple Federation Apparel Group, Shade appeared and shot a hole in the window, telling them that his target was White Blossom. Orlando, who was there as well, aimed his gun, but suddenly recognized him for who he really was and called him Flynn. Charles attempted to get away with White Blossom, and Shade shot him suddenly, killing him.[6]

Shade said that Orlando was mistaken and quickly left with the dress. Though Orlando insisted Shade was Flynn, Reid told him that he went by Shade, a highly wanted criminal assassin allied with Nidhogg.[6]

After this incident, Shade broke into Orlando's manor and stole a report about an illegal transit hub for drugs that Orlando was investigating, called the No.7 Exchange. He also stole a gun that he (as Flynn) created ten years before, a decoy gun that shot only red roses.[32] Shade later went to the No.7 Exchange itself, and Orlando followed him there to investigate.[33]

At the bar, an incident broke out between some wealthy bar patrons and a little girl who was trying to make money. Shade stepped in to defend the little girl, and nearly shot the boys until Orlando intervened.[11] Instead of using violence, Orlando threw his glass of wine at the wall next to them, scaring them of, and Shade escorted the little girl to safety.[34]

Shade and Orlando had a target on their back after the incident, but Shade revealed to Orlando that they were on the same side for once here, so they fought off their attackers as they infiltrated the bar. Unbeknownst to Shade, he was injured in the process, but he didn't feel it because he cannot feel pain. Deep inside the bar, Shade and Orlando discovered a room filled with No.7 Reagent, the drug that prevents the user from feeling the effects of the Blood Curse when they commit violent acts.[35]

As they were about to leave, Orlando noticed Shade's injury, but Shade explained that he didn't feel pain. He also tried to return the decoy gun, apparently not having realized that it wasn't a real gun, but Orlando told him that it was his from the beginning. At this point, Shade began to wonder what Orlando could possibly know about his past. It was also after this interaction that Orlando knew Shade was Flynn for sure.[20]

Shade went to Losol afterwards, causing the Apple military to blockade the entire city.[36] He went to a League Tyr recon post outside of the city, where he was reprimanded by Ozeca for shooting Charles.[37] However, Orlando, along with Nikki and her friends, found a way in and infiltrated the post.[7] While Shade went to the armory room, Orlando threatened Ozeca with a gun,[37] but Shade was alerted to the incident when Bobo tripped over some racks.[19]

Ozeca pleaded with Shade to kill Orlando and the others as Orlando turned off his gun's safety, but Shade put down his own weapon, saying that he had nothing to do with the mission now that his own task had been completed. Shade then raised his gun again and pointed it at Orlando's heart, asking why he hadn't thanked him, before following up with a "Just kidding" and declaring the two of them even.[19]

Shade began to investigate his own past at some point after this.[12]

Night Prelude[]

Shade went into an operating room at the base of League Tyr for what he believed to be a routine injection. However, unknown to him, his efforts to investigate his identity had been discovered, and the nurses had been given a secret instruction to increase his dosage. Shade fell asleep after the procedure and began to dream about his true past as Flynn. Experiencing the dream as Flynn, he witnessed the things he had done as Shade, but he was horrified at the fact he had pointed his gun at Orlando.[12]

He woke up at once, restrained on the operating chair and surrounded by armed guards. This time, he had no knowledge of what had happened as Shade, and he still believed that he was Flynn back in the year 670. He immediately tried to break himself out, standing up with the chair and freeing himself with a scalpel before managing to make his way outside. Though he managed to make it a fair distance from the base, he eventually collapsed in the snow.[12]

Shade was found by Orlando and taken to a waterfall southeast of the base. When he woke up again, he had his memories as Shade again. He realized that Orlando had broken into the League Tyr base earlier that day. Orlando gave him what he had taken: a top secret file from the League Tyr with details about Shade's life as Flynn, including things like a note from Nina.[12]

Shade recognized the handwriting, and though he took the note he told Orlando he wanted to investigate himself and went to leave. But soldiers were there ready to attack him, and when they shot at him, Orlando threw himself in front of Shade to take the bullet for him - mirroring what Flynn had done for him ten years before. The two men fell down the waterfall, where Shade brought Orlando to safety.[12]

Shade with Orlando after Orlando took a bullet for him

As Shade tended to Orlando's injury, Orlando continued to stress that there was more to his past that Shade couldn't remember, and urged him to consider leaving the North Kingdom. Though Shade wasn't fully sure whether Orlando was telling the truth, he offered to bring him to safety. Instead, Orlando asked Shade to complete a mission for him first and bring a recording device he had been using for another matter to Kimi or her father Chairman Schiller. Shade agreed, and left Orlando in a nearby cave while he went to finish Orlando's mission.[12]

Shade later looked up Nina's address and went to her house one night. He did not go in, only listened to her voice from outside. Even though he still couldn't remember much, he knew that the small bits of recognition were all he had.[38]



Orlando and Flynn were best friends and classmates at the Apple Federation Military Academy.[18] Though Flynn pranked him often, he clearly cared about Orlando, and he died because he took a bullet for him.[29]

As Shade, he showed no recognition of his old name and only called Orlando "Commander". However, he refused to shoot Orlando both at Apple Apparel Group headquarters[6] and at the League Tyr outpost,[19] despite them being on different sides of the war. The fact that he was being lied about by his past created doubts that allowed him to cooperate with Orlando and listen to what he had to say about his true identity.[12]


Xinglin was Flynn's mother, and they shared a number of similarities; one such similarity was that both were very proud, daring people.

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Item Caption Icon
Glory Soul Orlando carries several marvelous inventions which are made by Flynn in his leisure time at Apple Federal Military Academy Glory Soul
Cat Says - Encounter When I was abandoned, I thought I would never see that shy girl again. Until I met Mr. Mindless and Mr. Unhappy. Cat Says - Encounter
Cat Says - Afternoon Actually Mr. Mindless is smart and Mr. Unhappy is happy. Meow, Nina smiles. I'll make fun of Mr. Mindless today. Cat Says - Afternoon
Quiet Sky (Spirit) The star identifier developed by Flynn and Orlando is kept in the observatory of Federal Military Academy. Quiet Sky (Spirit)
Nebula Illustrations Before graduation, Flynn and Orlando recorded the starry night as a souvenir. Orlando made them an album later Nebula Illustrations


  • "I have no past nor future."
    — Flynn in Timeline

  • "You're not prepared."
    — using Critical Eye.
  • "You may see reality in the dreams."
    — using Sleeping.

  • Name by Server[]


    Version Name (Romanized)
    International.png International (English) Shade
    France Flag.png International (French) Shade
    Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 灰影 (Huī yǐng)
    Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional) 灰影 (Huī yǐng)
    Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Bóng Xám
    Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Grey Shadow


    Version Name (Romanized)
    International.png International (English) Flynn
    Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 弗里恩 (Fú lǐ ēn)
    Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional) 弗里恩 (Fú lǐ ēn)
    Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Freen



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