Server Missions are reoccurring events where the entire server tries to complete certain goals to obtain rewards like GoldGold, DiamondsDiamond, and parts of the event suits.

Season 1 - Association Commission Stage DriveEdit

Ran from September 7th to September 13th, 2017. Featured the Peach Melody suit.

Players had to participate in Commissions 777,777 times to receive the Peach Melody suit.

Season 2 - New Year's Lantern BlessEdit

Server Missions

Ran from December 30th, 2017 to January 5th, 2018. Featured the Dress Song suit.

On new year’s day, Cloud will have color lantern event.


Goal Number Required Reward
Complete Stages 20,180,101 A981
Complete Association Commissions 2,018,888 T417
Arena Challenges 2,018,999 C301
Competition Likes 20,180,101 Bo385
Share to Server 999,999 Ha718
50 Diamond

Season 3 - New Year LanternEdit

New Year Lanter

Ran from January 1st, 2019 to January 7th, 2019. Featured the Ode to Lantern suit.

Light new year lanterns and receive blessings. Complete the server quest to win exclusive set!


Goal Number Required Reward
Server Complete Stages 700,000 New Year's Day
Flower and Chignon
Server Complete Association Commission 700,000 Dew and Lotus
Returning Swallow
Server Complete Arena Challenge 700,000 Snow on Branches
Glaze Lantern
Server Competition Like 1,111,111 Wintersweet and Snow
25 Diamond
Share to Server 77,777 Bright Lights
25 Diamond
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