Send Lovesickness
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I know this is not right, but I cannot help taking many photos of you secretly.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Accessory, Brooch
Attributes LivelyCute
Rarity H3
Color White/Red
Wardrobe # 1103
How to Obtain Valentine's Day Event, Clothing store
Send Lovesickness could be obtained from the Valentine's Day Event and can now be bought in the Clothing Store for 18956 Gold.

Appearance Edit

A white purse with a white strap, the bag has a red trim sewn onto it with a red heart button fastening the bag. Attached to the handle are multiple hearts of varying sizes, some of which hang off the bag, like a pendant.

Gallery Suit Edit

Send Lovesickness is part of the Festivals suit Sweet Heart.

The other parts of this suit are Silver Bond, Sweetheart VestSweet TalkPink Heart SocksLove Short BootsPendant of Hearts and Tender Affection.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Lively Cute Pure Cool