Secret of Snowdust is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from V2: Chapter 2 Moonlit Escapade (Maiden).

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Pale winter sunshine fell on her hair with a soft halo. It inadvertently reveals the girl's lively mood.
Ocean Blue Fantasia

The smocking looks like layered cream with some snow fallen on, whispering to her about the sky's secret.
Secret of Snowdust

The simple top, compared with the gorgeous coat, looks even more tender. Even such details need thinking too.
Whisper of Snow

She sits with a smile and spreads the wide skirt. The black gauze and vine pattern is like a maiden dream.
Ode to Flower Vine

They have seen many years' snow together. You can always be a kid when talking with your best friend.
Fluttering Snow

Black leather shoes with tiny pearls. She thinks to herself, it's so challenging to wear these in the winter!
Sound of Pearl

'Why not choose a beret for the dress?' She said as the white pompon on her hat wobbled like rabbit ears.
Fluffy Beret

Caressing the silver buckle on the bag, she's wondering what's gonna be like the next year?
Elegant Fantasia

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