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The Ice Abyss Echo event was an event that involved playing through stages by visiting locations to collect clues and unveil a story. It awards Dews Dews.png for the Wind's Gift event.

The overall premise of the event was to give insight into the past of Nidhogg, with Smoke of Ages telling about his childhood, Yesterday's Snow telling about his time training as a Knight, Yellowed Time indicating his relationship with Louie, Ashen Glory explaining why he left the Knights, and Dark Night telling about how a certain sword, the Dark Verdict, came to be in his possession. It also gives insight into characters like Agata and to the Blood Curse.

Smoke of Ages[edit | edit source]


Locations[edit | edit source]

North Kingdom - Frigidfog City - Year 657 New Era

  • Hotel: It is late at night and the dim yellow light from the hotel is waving in the gentle wind.
  • Slum: It's night and there are few people on the street in the slum.
  • Bell Tower: The bell tolls in the empty bell tower.
  • Station: The station is closed and the place is parked with many empty buses.
  • Bar

North Kingdom - Rocky Mountains - Year 657 New Era

  • Mercenary Camp: There are only several soldiers patrolling the camp.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Clue: Something happened in the Frigidfog City Hotel

Bar[edit | edit source]

  • Bartender: Welcome, we have plenty of empty seats. Where do you prefer?
  • Bar Counter
  • (I take a near seat by the bar counter. Two men on the other side are chatting.)
  • Guest A: Hey, you've heard of that thing?
  • Guest B: What?
  • Guest A: The thing everyone is talking about! You know it!
  • Guest B: Oh! You mean that the General was sentenced to a life exile?
  • Guest A: (Whisper) Keep it low! Pity, nobody can save him this time. Houses, fortunes, all gone. Families get kicked out on the street too...
  • Guest B: (Whisper) Really... Even if he sinned this time, what about all the good things he did before?
  • Guest A: (Whisper) You must have not heard about it. This time, it's very serious.
  • Guest B: (Whisper) What is it? I heard it's bribery. Sounds not that severe.
  • Guest A: (Whisper) Ha, you are too outdated... The General was convicted of treason!
  • Guest B: What!
  • Guest A: (Lower your voice! This comes from my secret source. Don't you tell others!
  • Booth
  • (I chose a seat on the corner. After several old songs, it's late in the night.)

Hotel[edit | edit source]

  • Mercenary: We've rented the entire hotel. If you can bring me the intel I need, I may be able to spare you a room.
First Question: You look confident. Let's start with an easy one, who is the criminal that was recently apprehended in this city?
Answer: General
Second Question: The second question, why is he apprehended?
Answer: Bribery
Third Question: The third question, what was he charged with on the court?
Answer: Treason

Clue: Go to slum
Acquire Items: Hotel Key - The key to a room on the second floor of Frigidfog City Hotel. Use the key to enter the room at any time.

Hotel[edit | edit source]

  • Mercenary: I've already given you the key and you can go to your room anytime you want. But it's still early, why don't you take a stroll outside? The stories in slum could help you fall asleep.
  • Go upstairs
  • (The room is tiny but very tidy.)

Slum[edit | edit source]

  • (In the Slum, there is a girl sitting on the ground, crying.)
  • Go and ask
  • Little Girl: I... I got lost... I cannot find my grandpa...
  • I: Don't be afraid. I can help. What does your grandpa look like?
  • Little Girl: My grandpa... He has white hair, a white beard, and he has a strange staff...
  • I: Alright. Stay here for a while, I'll go find him.
  • Little Girl: But I've been waiting for very long and I'm hungry... And I feel cold...
  • I: Okay, let's find a warm place and get you something to eat, then we go to find your grandpa. Alright?
  • Little Girl: Hm! Thank you! You are a great man!

Clue: Take the girl to somewhere warm

Hotel[edit | edit source]

  • Mercenary: I've already given you the key and you can go to your room anytime you want.
  • Go upstairs
  • I: Wait here for me.
  • Little Girl: Hmm! Oh... I went lost when we were in the Rocky Mountains outside the city. Maybe my grandpa is still there.
  • I: Okay.

Clue: Find Grandpa at Rocky Mountains outside the city

Mercenary Camp[edit | edit source]

  • Training Camp: (There is an old man with white hair and white beard sitting outside the training camp.)
  • Go and ask
  • Old Man: I came here to look for an important thing. But I lost my granddaughter. I should have not taken her with me... I've been looking for very long but she's not here.
  • I: Don't worry. Your granddaughter is ok and she is waiting for you in the hotel.
  • Old Man: You found her and came to find me? Thank you so much! Please take me to her now.
  • I: Sure, come with me.

Hotel[edit | edit source]

  • (The mercenary who sits by the entrance of the hotel has left.)
  • Go upstairs
  • Little Girl: Grandpa!
  • Old Man: I finally found my granddaughter! Thank you!
  • I: You're welcome.
  • Old Man: I'm sorry, but I have one more request...
  • I: Go ahead, what is it?
  • Old Man: My briar pipe has been taken by a soldier who's on a mission in the city... Find the mercenary and you can take back the pipe.
  • I: Okay.
  • Old Man: We will wait for you in the bell tower nearby.

Clue: Retrieve pipe from the mercenary in Frigidfog City

Bell Tower[edit | edit source]

  • Old Man: The brar pipe has been taken by a soldier who's on a mission in the city... Find the mercenary and you can take back the pipe.

Station[edit | edit source]

  • (The station is closed and the place is parked with many empty buses. Only some light noise can be heard.)
  • Search Around
  • Mercenary: It's you? Why are you here?
  • I: I'm looking for a briar pipe. You saw it?
  • Mercenary: Is it this? I found it in the investigation, but it's useless now. Take it.
  • I: Thanks.
  • Mercenary: You came at the right time. I'll be leaving tomorrow morning.

Clue: Take the pipe to the old man in Bell Tower
Acquire Items: Briar Pipe - A pipe made of Briar wood. It looks old.

Bell Tower[edit | edit source]

  • Old Man: This is it! It's the pipe I'm looking for. I don't know how to thank you. Maybe... Do you want to hear the story about this pipe?
  • Agree
  • Old Man: This pipe belonged to a man I respected very much.
  • Old Man: He was young when I became his butler, but he just got promoted and had an army of his own.
  • Old Man: He's a proud man, close to no one except his wife. He's not in good relationship with other officers either, but it didn't stop him from being a great commander.
  • Old Man: Later, he won many battles on the land he protected and became the god of Frigidfog City. He had his first child and named him Nidhogg. He put high expectations on him.
  • Old Man: But his way of doing things was too overbearing. He was hated and envied and finally got framed.
  • Old Man: I remember that it's a very cold night when he was arrested. All his fortunes were confiscated, his families expelled out Frigidfog City, and his men dismissed.
  • Old Man: In the chaos, I could only get his wife to a safe place. When I returned to the mansion, Lord Nidhogg was gone...
  • Old Man: The whole place was like just be ransacked. Like the doomsday... Yeah, it is the doomsday of Frigidfog City.
  • Old Man: I've been asking around for the information of the young lord but found no clues. Later, I knew the whereabouts of this pipe, so I found it. It's the only thing I could do.
  • Old Man: It's his favorite pipe. He always took it with him. It's like a token of him...
  • Old Man: Today, all the feats he did became the past, like the smoke in the pipe vanishing in the air...

Yesterday's Snow[edit | edit source]


Locations[edit | edit source]

North Kingdom - Rocky Mountains - Year 680 New Era

  • Norun River: There is a thick layer of ice on the surface of Norun River and you see the fish beneath from time to time.
  • Designer's Center
  • Sentinel

North Kingdom - Black Water City - Year 680 New Era

  • Palace Entrance: The path in front of the palace is luxurious. The soldiers along the path stand solemnly with axes in their hands.
  • Knight of Kingdom
  • Knight Office

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Clue: The sentinel of Harrod needs some help

Sentinel[edit | edit source]

  • Sentinel: There's an urgent matter at the Designer Center but I can't leave while I'm working. Can you go there for me?
  • Sure
  • Sentinel: Great! Find a stylist named Darya in the Designer's Center. She's my wife and she will tell you what to do next.
  • I: Okay.
  • Sentinel: The Designer's Center is on the opposite of Norun River.

Clue: Go to the Designer's Center and find Darya

Designer's Center[edit | edit source]

  • Darya: Greetings, welcome to the Harrod Designer's Center.
  • I'm looking for Darya
  • Darya: I am. What can I help?
  • I: The sentinel sent me here. He said it's something urgent.
  • Darya: The knight equipment of Lord Agata prepared by Designer's Center is ready, but we are short of hands. It would be great if you can help deliver it to Lord Agata.
  • Darya: I know you are doing it out of a good will, but this is very important, so it must be done by someone trustworthy. Can you please take a test of Anne?
  • I: Okay.

Clue: Take the trial of Anne by River Norun

Sentinel[edit | edit source]

  • Sentinel: Harrod is the second home to Lord Agata. We will cherish and protect it.

Norun River[edit | edit source]

  • (Someone is fishing by the river. She is wearing thick clothes and she is fishing from a tiny ice hole.)
  • Check it out
  • Anne: Hi, you are not from around, are you? What's your business here?
  • I: Darya wants me to take your test.
  • Anne: Oh? So she wants you to help us deliver the equipment to Lord Agata.
  • Anne: Then let's begin. The theme is 'elegant winter'.

Clue: Have a style contest with Anne by River Norun

  • Anne: Let's get started then. The theme will be 'Elegant Winter'.

Clue: Return to Designer's Center to find Darya

Designer's Center[edit | edit source]

  • Darya: Congratulations, you've completed the trial! So, are you willing to accept our request and deliver the knight equipment to Lord Agata?
  • Agree
  • Darya: Thank you. To show our gratitude, please accept these.
  • Darya: Lord Agata is now in the base of Knight of Kingdom in Black Water City.

Clue: Bring equipment to Agata at Knight of Kingdom
Acquire Items: Knight Equipment - Knight equipment prepared by the designers of Harrod. It's light, but also durable and warm.

Knight of Kingdom[edit | edit source]

  • Knight of Kingdom: This is the base of Knight of Kingdom and no trespassing is allowed.
  • I'm looking for Agata
  • Knight of Kingdom: You are looking for Lord Agata? What's your business?
  • I: I got the knight equipment prepared by the designers of Harrod.
  • Knight of Kingdom: Oh, Lord Agata was out to meet the King. Please wait outside the palace.

Clue: Wait for Agata at the Palace Entrance

Palace Entrance[edit | edit source]

  • (The path in front of the palace is luxurious. The soldiers along the path stand solemnly with axes in their hands.)
  • Wait
  • (After a while, Agata walked out of the palace alone.)
  • Agata: Who are you?
  • I: I was entrusted by the designers of Harrod to bring you the knight equipment.
  • Agata: Come to my office. This is not the right place to talk.

Clue: Go to Knight Office with Agata

Knight Office[edit | edit source]

  • Agata: This is my office. Please give it to me.
  • Give her
  • (Agata takes the equipment and walks into the inner room of the office.)
  • (The wind at the noon is not that cold. It blows in and unfolds the diary on the desk.)
[Diary of Agarat]
10th Feb., Year 670 New Era
On the third day after the storm quiets down, I finally came to Black Water City. The little dot on the horizon finally became the towering walls as I approached it. I crossed the wide moat and looked up at the high gate. It's much more magnificent than I thought. I'll sign up for the Knight of Kingdom after day breaks. You still remember our agreement? But... Naga, I still cannot believe it today. You are just missing in the snow...
11th Feb., Year 670, New Era
Knight of Kingdom rejected my application. The reason is I'm too young... I cannot believe it. Luckily, I met the Knight Commander, an honorable knight. After knowing my request, he allowed me to join the training of the order. If I can prove myself, I'll be able to join the qualification of Knight of Kingdom. My training will start tomorrow. The training must be much harder than that in Harrod. But you know, I never failed any training, so I must be able to handle this. Naga, I miss those days when we were practicing swordsmanship together.
27th Aug., Year 670, New Era
The end of August is coming soon. It's the day of the annual qualification of Knight of Kingdom. I applied on the first day. I'm not sure if I can get selected, but today, Knight Commander, no, I should call him my teacher, said I had the gift and heart to be an excellent knight. But he doesn't know it's just the first step of our plan.
31th [sic] Aug., Year 670, New Era
The contests is intense just as anticipated. For several times, I thought I was out, but luckily, I passed. Naga, from today, I'm a knight. I'll bring peace to this land with my horse and my weapon. Just as we planned.
1st Sep., Year 670, New Era
Today, my teacher told me he saw the shadow of Nidhogg in me. It turned out that Nidhogg passed the qualification and became one of the Knight of Kingdom when he was 13, just like me. But what's different is he passed neatly in the first place. Teacher said he's like an obsidian dagger, cold, sharp, and emotionless. Those confronted him are nowhere near a rival. I cannot wait to take him on during the training.
5th Sep., Year 670, New Era
I got to know more about Nidhogg from the old knights. Six years ago, he came to Black Water City as a wanderer. Teacher adopted him as his son. I guess Teacher must appreciate him very much so that he treated him just like his own son Louie. But from their tones, I can see that they don't quite like him. The friendship between him and Louie is also taken as a deed to 'flatter Knight Commander'. 'He's just a talentless nobody.' 'He's nothing compared with Louie.'
I cannot agree with them. His ability is commonly recognized and he does take Louie as his own brother. What's more, speaking ill of people behind their backs is definitely not knightly. Anyway, thinking of the praises by Teacher of Nidhogg, I got to work harder. Naga, you will cheer for me, right?
15th Sep., Year 670 New Era
I asked Nidhogg for a trial today during the training. He agreed, but I could see that he didn't use his full power at all. When I said do not look down upon me, he smiled and said, 'You are too weak to be my rival.' That's too much. One day, he will have to face my challenge very seriously.
10th Oct., Year 670, New Era
Today, to find out who's the better successor of the position of Knight Commander, Nidhogg and Louie had a trial on the training ground. Though both of them are still no match for Teacher, it's quite obvious they would both be awful warriors in the future. And I will continue working hard for our plan. I will work hard for both of us, Naga.
  • (It's another gust of wind. The diary is turned to the empty pages in the latter part of the diary.)
  • (Small white clouds float by. It's another broad sunny day.)

Yellowed Time[edit | edit source]


Locations[edit | edit source]

North Kingdom - Snow Woods - Year 680 New Era

  • Deep of Snow Woods

North Kingdom - White Rock City - Year 680 New Era

  • Warehouse
  • Snow Eagle Legion

North Kingdom - Snow Corridor - Year 680 New Era

  • Shooting Range: The missions are quite heavy recently, so few are left in the Shooting Range.
  • Rally Point: A group of Nameless Knights just assembles here to execute a mission.
  • Forest Edge

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Clue: Check out the voice in the Deep of Snow Woods.

Deep of Snow Woods[edit | edit source]

  • (Someone was sighing by the tiny frozen lake.)
  • Check it out
  • Weak Noise: Young traveler, hello. This place has all the shattered memories in Snow Field and I'm here to piece them together. But some are missing. I just cannot find them...
  • I: What can I do for you?
  • Weak Noise: Go to the base of the Snow Eagle Legion. Maybe what you are looking for is there.

Clue: Go to Snow Eagle Legion in White Rock City

Snow Eagle Legion[edit | edit source]

  • Snow Eagle Soldier: So, you're the solder sent by the League Tyr to complete the mission here?
  • Yes
  • Snow Eagle Soldier: To verify your identity, please have a contest with me. The theme is a mature military suit.

Clue: Compete with the soldier of Snow Eagle Legion

  • Snow Eagle Soldier: Good. Go to the Warehouse and find Ozeca. She's waiting for you.

Clue: Find Ozeca in Warehouse

Warehouse[edit | edit source]

  • Ozeca: Did the colonel send you here?
  • Yes
  • Ozeca: This is what the colonel wants. Take it. When you finish your mission, give it to him personally.

Clue: Take the memory shard back to the Deep of the Snow Woods
Acquire Items: Broken Photo - A photo with half of it missing. Only a teenager with black hair and a bright smile on his face is left on it.
Acquire Items: Memory Shard - The memory shard found in the photo.

  • Ozeca: The Colonel prefers quietness. Don't bother him.

Deep of Snow Woods[edit | edit source]

  • Weak Noise: Have you found the memory shard?
  • Found it
  • Weak Noise: Great, this is what I'm looking for. Please go to Forest Edge in Snow Corridor now.
  • I: Okay

Clue: Go to Forest Edge in Snow Corridor

Forest Edge[edit | edit source]

  • Nameless Knight: Are you the newcomer?
  • Yes
  • Nameless Knight: You've come timely. I just... lost the stuff of my commander. Can you help me?
  • I: Sure.
  • Nameless Knight: Great! It must have been lost in Rally Point or Shooting Range...

Clue: Find the lost item in Rally Point or Shooting Range

Rally Point[edit | edit source]

  • (A group of Nameless Knights just assembles here to execute a mission.)
  • Get closer
  • (Nameless knights quickly rally and go out to execute a mission.)
  • (After they left, you saw something left on the snow ground.)

Clue: Take memory shard back to the Deep of Snow Woods
Acquire Items: Broken Photo - A half photo of a silver-hair young man who smiles brightly.
Acquire Items: Memory Shard - The memory shard found in the photo

  • Weak Noise: Have you found the memory shard?
  • Found it
  • Weak Noise: Wonderful, this is what I'm looking for. Thank you for helping me. If you come back next time, I can tell you some stories as a gift.
[Damaged Photo]
The two photos both lost half, and each of them has a boy with a bright smile.

Ashen Glory[edit | edit source]


Locations[edit | edit source]

North Kingdom - Black Water City - Year 670 New Era

  • City Corner: The light of setting sun shines into the city, making stretched shadows.
  • Arena Entrance: There is no fight in the Arena today and there are barely any people at the Arena Entrance.
  • Weapon Shop's Alley: Various weapons are arranged in the shop, but the owner is not here.
  • Tailor Shop

North Kingdom - Northwind Tundra - Year 670 New Era

  • Nameless Ruins: Over the vast snowfield, the freezing wind is soaring. Blood and blade are not the only things buried under the snow...

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Clue: Tailor Shop Lady of Black Water City is looking for you

Tailor Shop[edit | edit source]

  • Tailor Shop Lady: You're here! I just got something for you!
  • What's the matter?
  • Tailor Shop Lady: I received a letter from my son, but when I opened it, it's broken and blown away by the wind. I could only grab this one piece, can you find the rest in the city?
  • I: No problem.
  • Tailor Shop Lady: Thank you! Maybe you can try the Weapon Shop first.

Clue: Find the missing page in Weapon Shop's Alley
Acquire Items: Letter Frag - A part of a letter that looks old

Old Letter
Missing Page of Letter-1
Dear Mother, It has been a while since I wrote to you last time. I'm sorry but I cannot say I'm doing good this time.
A big incident happened to the Knight of Kingdom recently and I assume you've already heard about it. Please don't worry. I'm just slightly injured and I'll recover soon. However, the future is so uncertain that I don't have any idea of it... I think the whole order is in vibe too, confused, angry, and sad.

Weapon Shop's Alley[edit | edit source]

  • Weapon Shop Owner: Welcome, we have a lot of weapons for you to select.
  • Ask
  • I: Hello, have you seen some letter fragments?
  • Weapon Shop Owner: That reminds me of that there was a half paper getting blown in the shop this morning.
  • I: Can you give it to me? It's an important thing for the one who's looking for it.
  • Weapon Shop Owner: Yes, but I also want you to help me. I'm going to have a fight tomorrow. Can you help me select an appropriate weapon?

Clue: Select a weapon for the owner in Weapon Shop's Alley

  • Weapon Shop Owner: I'll have a fight tomorrow. Can you help me select a handy weapon?
  • Choose a Weapon - Choose a weapon for the owner of Weapon Shop
  • Aurora

Clue: Find the missing page at Arena Entrance
Acquire Items: Letter Frag - A part of a letter that looks old

Old Letter
Missing Page of Letter-2
Yes. We can't just let the Captain's death slide!
The riot came from nowhere. It came with death and desire. The horn was blown at midnight. Countless armed rioters broke into our camp. It wasn't my first real battle but my hands were trembling...because I knew it was set up by my so-called 'teammates'. It was a political war, a war between the parties, and it was so disgraceful that it had to happen at night. There were so many enemies. Although we were elite warriors, we could not handle the endless attacks. We gradually lost our advantage. I saw the Captain defeated waves of enemies while I was swinging my shield and sword. The two sons that he was proud of were also having trouble. At that moment, I swear, we were just trying our best to survive. We weren't fighting for the glory of a knight.
  • Weapon Shop Owner: Thank you. If you are looking for something similar, you can go to the Arena Entrance and asked the guard.

Arena Entrance[edit | edit source]

  • Arena Guard: There is no fight today. Come back tomorrow.
  • Ask
  • I: Hello, have you seen some letter fragments?
  • Arena Guard: Did the weapon shop man tell you that?
  • I: Can you give it to me? It's an important thing for the one who's looking for it.
  • Arena Guard: I did have a half paper, but in return, I hope you can have a practice with me to kill some time. The theme is a combat suit.
  • I: No problem.

Clue: Compete with Arena Guard at Arena Entrance

Clue: Ask Arena Guard at Arena Entrance
Acquire Items: Letter Frag - A part of a letter that looks old.

Old Letter
Missing Part of Letter-3
As time passed, we were not only suffering from exhaustion but also the increasing backlash of Curse of Blood. The pain was burning our hearts and we could hardly focus. But the enemies were fighting more and more easily like they were immune to the curse. At that moment, I remembered the rumors about the secret potion popular among the elites in Black Water City, but I was not sure. I once talked with Nidhogg, the adopted son of Commander, about this. I was so naive and thought this could be the key to free us from Blood Curse, but Nidhogg woke me up... 'Without the curse, people can become tyrants.' That's true. If we all recognize Blood Curse as a rule, then anyone who dares to violate it shall bear the punishment. No exception. However, the potion breaks the balance. Those who break the rule will not be punished, instead, people who follow the rule will. Just like Nidhogg said, 'Maybe this order should not exist in the first place.'
  • Arena Guard: An incredible competition.
  • Ask
  • I: You got some clues of the letter fragments?
  • Arena Guard: Sorry, not anymore. You can wander about in the city. Maybe it's left in some corner.

City Corner[edit | edit source]

  • (The light of the setting sun shines into the city, making stretched shadows.)
  • Get closer
  • (There seems to be something in the corner.)

Clue: Return the missing page to the Tailor Shop Lady
Acquire Items: Letter Frag - A part of a letter that looks old

Old Letter
Missing Page of Letter-4
The riot happened that night was a war and the war ended with the death of Commander. However, the Commander wasn't killed by anyone's blade. It's the Blood Curse who consumed his heart. As his tall heavy body fell and let out a loud thud, everyone froze.
The strongest human alive was defeated by the potion. The mountain in my heart collapsed. Knight of Kingdom - the blade and shield of the Royal City has become the laughing stock of the world.
It ended quickly after we lost. Most of us were imprisoned and the rest escaped. As for the two sons of the Commander, some said they were killed on the night, but others said they have escaped. I have no idea. Even if they are alive, I cannot imagine what they are being through now...
I'll step on the road of escape myself after finishing this letter. I'll take good care of myself, for the day that I will reunite with my family.
Take care.
  • Tailor Shop Lady: Did you find the missing pages of the letter?
  • Found it
  • Tailor Shop Lady: Thank you! This is the last letter from my son... I haven't seen him since Knight of Kingdom was besieged. I went to the Nameless Ruins in Northwind Tundra, but found nothing...
  • I: The Nameless Ruins?
  • Tailor Shop Lady: It's an old base of Knight of Kingdom, and the battlefield of my son's final battle. It doesn't have any proper name... After the besiege, the base was moved to Black Water City.

Clue: Go to Nameless Ruins in Northwind Tundra

Nameless Ruins[edit | edit source]

  • (Over the vast snowfield, the freezing wind is soaring. Blood and blade are not the only things buried under the snow...)
  • Get closer
  • (Under the thick snow, there is a long rusty sword and beneath it, two badges.)
  • (The blade and shield symbolize the honor of every knight. Its two sides are engraved with the names of two knights who protected the honor with their lives--Nidhogg and Louie.)

Dark Night[edit | edit source]

Black fog on the lake
Sword that break the night
With light behind
With storm beside
  • Touch Dark Verdict

Locations[edit | edit source]

Pigeon Kingdom - Pigeon Forest - Year 680 New Era

  • Forest Path: There is a narrow path among the trees with deer and squirrels passing by.
  • Lake Bovaly: Sunlight glitters on the lake like dancing fairies.
  • Stele Forest

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Clue: Elain in Stele Forest needs some help

Stele Forest[edit | edit source]

  • Elaine: Where is my quill...
  • I'll help you
  • Elaine: Thank you. I went to Lake Bovaly this morning. I might have left my quill there.

Lake Bovaly[edit | edit source]

  • Dwarf: A human? Your kinds are getting more and more in the forest...
  • Ask
  • I: Have you seen Elaine's quill?
  • Dwarf: Elaine's Quill... I haven't seen it, but I can help you find it. There are many squirrels and birds in the forest. It could have been taken to decorate their nestles or dens.
  • I: Thank you.
  • Dwarf: You are welcome! But... Can you do me a favor?
  • I: Of course.
  • Dwarf: There is a path in the forest. It's said there are white fawns in the night! But I fall asleep easily and can never stay up that late. Can you help me find out if it's true?
  • I: No problem.

Clue: Wait for white deer at night in Forest Path

Forest Path[edit | edit source]

  • (There is a narrow path among the trees with deer and squirrels passing by.)
  • Wait
  • (From morning to noon, from noon to dusk, and from dusk to the night.)
  • (Moonlight is sieved down by the canopy. There is a subtle rustling sound from a place.)
  • (In the dim light, something bright is approaching. As the light draws close, it forms the shape of an antler.)
  • (White fawn peeps from behind short shrubs. After some while, it runs away in jumps.)
  • (It's too quiet and peaceful that night. I fell asleep and when I woke up, it's already daybreak.)

Lake Bovaly[edit | edit source]

  • Dwarf: I found the quill! In a tree hole! Did you see the white deer?
  • Saw it
  • Dwarf: Really?! My grandpa didn't lie to me! White fawn does exist!
  • Dwarf: Thank you. This is the quill of Elaine! Give it to her!

Clue: Return the quill to Elain [sic] in Stele Forest
Acquire Items: Elaine's Quill - A pen made with a white feather. It is exquisite.

Stele Forest[edit | edit source]

  • Elaine: Have you found my quill?
  • Found it
  • Elaine: This is my quill, thank you. Next, I'll go on recording on Memory of Time. If you don't mind, you can have a rest in Stele Forest.
  • (I sit on the steles, enjoying some leisure in the forest while reading the stories on the steles.)
  • ('The young man who broke into the forest... He took away the blade bathed in the blood before.)
  • I: What does this mean?
  • Elaine: It's the memory of Rachel about 'that night'. That night of blood.
  • I: The night of blood...
  • Elaine: If you wish, I could take you to the illusion of the stele. You would see what happened that night. But it won't be very clear. It's the memory of Rachel and mine after all.
  • I: Okay.
  • (Elaine touches the stele and starts chanting spells. The words on the stele take us to another zone.)
  • (In the darkness, blurry red gradually gathers, into the blood moon in the end.)
  • (It feels like the sound comes from behind a thick wall and the vision is twisted. I seem to be in a vast water area.)
  • (I cannot feel light or see the exit, until the young man in white jumps in.)
  • (He quickly swims away, leaving a serious [sic] of bubbles behind. I follow up hurriedly.)
  • (It's getting deeper and deeper. The water around begins to take a crimson color. I finally reach the red center and see the young man again.)
  • (There is a sword in his hand, a sword which has pierced the chest of another person. It gives me a shudder.)
  • (The black hair of the person flutters in the water gently. It's like time has frozen on him.)
  • (The young man frowns. At the moment he draws the sword out, the water has an even more violent shaking.)
  • (My hands cannot grab anything reliable. I'm flushed to the lake surface.)
  • (Strange spells were chanted again and at the last moment, I saw the blood whose colors are very striking against the red background.)
  • (The next time when I open my eyes, I'm lying beside Lake Bovaly, my clothes soaking wet.)
  • (The morning sunshine falls on my body in the tweet. The forest morning is so cozy. My headache seems to be better.)
  • (I sit up and look around. There is someone by the lake.)

Memory Tides - Nidhogg.jpg

  • (It's the young man in white. He's all wet too, legs submerged in the water. It seems that he's used up all his strength.)
  • (I can still remember the sword. It gives me shudders even now, but he holds it in the hand like it's nothing special.)
  • (The morning light also sheds on his body, somehow looking very peaceful.)
  • (He raises his head a little to look at the sunshine sieved down. His face is tired, but his eyes are bright like stars in the windy north night.)
  • (That air of attachment feels like belonging to another person compared with the one who draws blade.)
  • (The tree shadow on his body moves slowly. Wind wakes up the fairies and animals in the forest.)
  • (He closes his eyes and when he opens them again, all the light there was gone.)
  • (He left the forest, taking the sword with him.)
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