Scented Snow
Nikki Scented Snow
Eyebrows are dyed, part of her facial decoration is overlapped. Her hair is touching her white cheek.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Makeup
Style Modern China
Attributes ElegantMature
Rarity H5
Wardrobe # 014
How to Obtain Porch of Misty

Scented Snow can be obtained from the Porch of Misty. It can also be bought in the Pavilion Of Jade for 32 Jade.

Appearance Edit

Facial makeup composed of pale skin and dark reddish black eyeliner. The eyelashes are small and thin to match the eyebrows. The lips are red. Pale pink blush and eyeshadow accent the look.

Gallery SuitEdit

Scented Snow is part of the Cloud suit Flower in Mirror.

The other parts of the suit are Flower of Yesterday, Flower Moon Cloak, The Illusion, Floral Brocade, Floral Tassel, Kyoka Hairpin, Lotus Leaf Tassel, Floral Ink and Firefly Fire.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Warm