Sanction of Doris
Doris' Punishment
You're Gray Raven's friend, you won't let me down. Haha, I haven't met any interesting prey for a long time.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Dress
Attributes: GorgeousLively
Rarity: H5
Color(s): Blue/White
Wardrobe #: 1065
Obtained by: Midnight Escape event
Clothes Store

Sanction of Doris (previously named Doris' Punishment) could be obtained from the Midnight Escape event. It can now be bought in the Clothes Store for 163 Diamond.

Appearance Edit

A one-piece blue outfit with white coloring at the center, decorated by gold buttons on each side and a black tie. On the shoulder is a white and black design to match the striped straps on the loose, opened sleeve cuff, white lining and designs on the neck, and the straps wrapped around the pumpkin pants shaped bottoms. A single black stripe is on each leg cuff, along with a yellow, KEEP OUT patterned strap. A gold strap resides on the chest, attached to black straps on each shoulder, and beneath the chest is another strap with several pockets. The large collar is gold colored inside. Sewn to the right leg is a dogs head, bursting shape, and fluffy pink and blue pom-poms, while the opposite leg holds a black night stick.

Gallery Suit Edit

Sanction of Doris is part of the Apple suit Crime Buster.

The other parts of this suit are Special Investigator, Heartbeat Chase, Exclusive Kneepad, True Identity, Absolute Authority, Message Receiver, Electrical Handcuffs, Tracking Time, Laser Pistol, The Incident, The Watching Star, Police Dog Assistant, City Under Curfew and Sky Pursuit.

There is an alternative version of this suit. It contains Special Investigator, Crime Buster, Absolute Authority, Message Receiver, The Incident, The Watching Star, Police Dog Assistant, City Under Curfew and Sky Pursuit.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Lively Mature Sexy Cool
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