Ruin's Black Cat
Ruin's Black Cat
Simple is the style of Neva. She follows the order of Royce, even it's modeling his designs.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Dress
Style: Future
Attributes: MatureSexy
Rarity: H4
Color(s): Black/Blue/White
Wardrobe #: 779
Obtained by: Fantasy Workshop

Ruin's Black Cat can be bought in the Fantasy Workshop for 99 Starwish Hairpins and 42 Starwish Earrings.

Appearance Edit

A black dress.

Gallery Suit Edit

Ruin's Black Cat is part of the 4 Seasons suit Ruins & Black Cat.

The other parts of this suit are Fearless Pride, Night Wandering, Twilight Dreamland, Silence Secret and Ruin's Cat Tail.

Attributes Edit

Simple Lively Mature Sexy Cool
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