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Rudfia is a character in Love Nikki. She was a famous dwarf singer, and during her life she helped many dwarves escape slavery under humans and return to Pigeon Forest.[1]



Rudfia's appearance is never shown, but she is described as very beautiful, with a melodic voice like a nightingale's.[2]


Rudfia lived during the Dark Age for dwarves. She became famous as a singer for her song White Dove, Moon Serenade.[1]

Throughout her life, Rudfia assisted many dwarves escape their enslavement under humans. However, the operation was conducted in secret - the dwarves she helped escape could not even say goodbye to their friends before leaving.[2] During her efforts, Rudfia acted as a diplomat between the humans and dwarves, resolving misunderstandings over things that cast the dwarves in a negative light.[1]

Rudfia also became close to someone called Kane, who was the finance minister at the time.[1]

Though Rudfia knew what she was doing was right, she hated the fact that she couldn't trust anybody while completing her missions. She felt that the operation was doomed to fail at some point, and she wasn't sure what would happen to her then. Kane warned her through letters about how to best stay safe, and after some time, Rudfia found herself unable to return to Pigeon Forest. Her name was slandered, with her being called a "traitor" and a "dog of humans", but those she helped save knew the truth.[1]

Miss Rudfia's obituary

Despite her worries, Rudfia was never discovered during her life. She died of illness and was buried in Pigeon Coast Cemetery. She was posthumously awarded the Peace Badge for her efforts when her actions were finally revealed to the public.[1]

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  • "I learned a lot and gained a lot from humans, but I lost the most valuable thing of dwarves. Trust, trust of humans, trust of friends, trust of beloved ones, trust of anyone..."
    — Rudfia in her diary[1]

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  • A lawyer was approached by another dwarf about Rudfia, asking to help clear her name in court. Even though at the time, relations between humans and dwarves were still fragile, the lawyer took on the case in the hopes of fighting for justice.[3]