Aliases Highness
Master (by Neva)
Passing by Handsome
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 4th
Zodiac Capricorn
Height 175 cm
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Professional Statistics
Occupation Prince of Lilith Kingdom
Affiliation Lilith Kingdom
Address Lilith Royal City
Royal City Hall
Personal Status
Relatives Queen Nanari (sister)
Game 2-2 Cicia, Capital of Art
Voice Actors
English Chris Niosi
Could you please turn off the refrigeration; you're freezing my charm as a great designer!
— Royce to Neva, in 5-S1 Master and Servant

Prince Royce is a character that appears in Love Nikki. He is the prince of Lilith Kingdom and Queen Nanari's younger brother.

Bio Edit

Appearance Edit

Although dressed in casual wear, the charm of Prince Royce still cannot be hidden. Brimming with charisma in every moment, is this a requisite quality of a prince? However, carefully looking at his outfit, it subtlety shows luxury and superiority. The match of the gigantic blue gem in the chest and the blue earrings marks his extraordinary taste and identity. Upon close examination and appreciation of prince's charm, it becomes clear why Neva has been looking for him.
— Royce's description in the Time Diary

Royce has a charming appearance. He is a man with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a white shirt, brown vest, white pants and black shoes.

Personality Edit

Royce is a charming and stubborn young man who prefers to travel around Miraland, much to his assistant Neva's irritation. Under his cheerful facade, however, Royce turns out to be smarter than many would believe. He's a genuinely good stylist (with several people commenting on it) and once he returns to Lilith with Neva, he handles himself as well as possible in the Fantasy Styling Contest. He then realizes that there's a traitor amidst the government and worries a lot about the country and especially his sister, so he takes up the mission of getting Nikki ready for the hardships she'll face later to help the Lilith Kingdom and Miraland as a whole.

History Edit

Chapter 2 Fairy Tale World LilithEdit

Chapter 3 'Witch and Star Sea'Edit

Chapter 4 The Tea Party Edit

Chapter 5 Mutated Tea Party Edit

Chapter 9 Styling Contest Prelude Edit

Chapter 10 Styling Contest Games Edit

Chapter 11 Styling Contest Finals Edit

Chapter 12 Chaos in City Edit

Relationships Edit

Queen NanariEdit

Queen Nanari is his older sister. While Royce loves her a lot, he feels suffocated by the high responsibilities he has had to assume since Nanari has been sick, so he ends up fleeing the field. He returns later in time to keep the kingdom stable, and when Nanari is not found during the rebellion, he has to take over the crown.

Neva Edit

Neva is his assistant and model, and they have known one another for a long time. She always accompanies Royce to protect him, much to his dismay.

Nikki Edit

He befriends Nikki early in the story and has high hopes put on her styling talent. This especially shows in Chapter 12, when he decides to subject her to several tests to know if she truly has the skills to help the Lilith Kingdom in the middle of a rebellion.


Login GiftEdit

  • "May the letter arrive at you with flower and morning dew."
    — Royce's envelope.


  • "It's tired to organize dressing matches. But I'm cured by Neva's gratified smile."
    — Royce's Diamond Postcard during Art of War.
  • "No more days to travel around lightheartedly. But fortunately I have Neva with me."
    — Royce's Diamond Postcard during Time Palace, posted from Lilith Royal City, Royal City Hall.


In Love Nikki there are descriptions on each clothing and some can give insights into the characters. All of the following items mention Royce.

Name Item Description
Elegant Curls Hair No.662 A hairstyle once Royce recommended to Neva, though she refused as it has the same color with Royce's.
Golden Pear Buckle Hair No.943 With the carrot and stick of Royce, Neva just won't try the sweet Golden Pear Buckle.
Red Sandalwood Dress No.445 It is said that during Prince Royce's travel, he designed a dress, inspired by the flowers of the red sandalwood.
Vintage Dream Dress No.778 Sweet Lilith dress fails to melt the ice nature of Neva. Royce was so disappointed.
Ruin's Black Cat Dress No.779 Simple is the style of Neva. She follows the order of Royce, even it's modeling his designs.
Sports Wear-Pink Top No.184 Tabloids: Royce seems to be a mysterious man. Although he is amicable, he is still quite enigmatic to others.
Bomb-Black Top No.205 Tabloids: Is Neva an infatuated maiden that follows Royce only? Actually it is not that simple!
Strapless Fashion Top No.606 To keep up to date doesn't conflict with festival features. Actually, Royce just secretly changed Neva's sweater.
Ribbon Sandals Shoes No.846 Royce is always complaining about Neva being a bad model. Why doesn't choose another model?
Night Wandering Shoes No.847 Though Neva kept persuading him to return, Royce indeed found so many inspirations during the trip.
Twilight Dreamland Accessory No.1548 The ornament is always so shiny, making Neva always available when Royce turns back.
Silence Secret Accessory No.1549 Royce met a black when traveling on the Ruin Island. Somehow he feels that the cat is like Neva.
Ruin's Cat Tail Accessory No.1550 Under the final request of Prince Royce, Neva finally wore the cat tail.


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