Royce is a character in Love Nikki. He is the prince of Lilith Kingdom and the younger brother of Queen Nanari.

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Although dressed in casual wear, the charm of Prince Royce still cannot be hidden. Brimming with charisma in every moment, is this a requisite quality of a prince? However, carefully looking at his outfit, it subtlety shows luxury and superiority. The match of the gigantic blue gem in the chest and the blue earrings marks his extraordinary taste and identity. Upon close examination and appreciation of prince's charm, it becomes clear why Neva has been looking for him.
— Royce's description in the Time Diary

Royce is a handsome young man who has a charming appearance with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a white shirt, brown vest, white pants and black shoes.

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Royce is a charming and stubborn young man who enjoys traveling around Miraland, much to his assistant Neva's irritation.[16] He's quite flirtatious, even taking the opportunity to try a line on Nikki once.[12] However, under his cheerful facade, Royce turns out to be smarter than many would believe. He's a genuinely good stylist (with several people commenting on it) and once he returns to Lilith with Neva, he handles himself as well as possible in the Fantasy Styling Contest.[2] He also strongly believes that a person should choose their own fate rather than be controlled by others.[17]

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Royce has designed the following:


Year 669 Edit

During this year, Royce's elder sister, Nanari, gave Neva to Royce as a bodyguard.[18] The young girl had been put under a Blood Covenant that made her powerful like a Kindred, but she had previously failed a mission given to her by the person who rescued her, the Lord, because she had seen the Blood Moon in the sky and gone into a frenzy.[19]

At the time, Royce was very confused by her decision to assign a girl half his age to be his guardian, and he was confused by Neva herself, unaware of the ritual she had gone through. She didn't like to spend time in the sunlight, and she never talked.[20]

He went on to study subjects such as history, as well as follow his sister around to learn from her. Neva was always there as well, though she stayed silent.[20]

Year 680 Edit

By this point, Nanari had abdicated due to sickness, and Royce hardly got to see her.[11] Royce preferred to spend his days running around Miraland, trying to shake off Neva, but she followed him around trying to get him to return.[16] Along the way, he met Nikki, and instantly recognized her styling ability. He encouraged her to attend the Designer's Tea Party in Wintermount, which he also attended.[21][12]

He returned to Royal City in order to help put together the Fantasy Styling Contest. He believed that somebody might cause trouble at the contest,[11] and though he didn't share his suspicions publicly at the time, he did not trust Prime Minister Nidhogg. He appointed him in charge of the contest as well, while secretly stationing the private royal army outside the city.[22]

Royce's suspicions were not unfounded: Nidhogg did indeed lead a rebellion during the contest, distracting Royce by telling him that Nanari might be in danger.[7] While Royce was gone, chaos broke loose and Royce was unable to locate Nanari. He was also unable to access the royal army stationed outside the city; however, with Nikki's help, he was able to remotely command the army and suppress the rebels using the guardian spirit of Lilith.[23][6]

With Nanari missing, Royce became King of Lilith in her place. Though many believed he didn't want to be king, he confided in Neva that it was the path he chose, and encouraged her to choose her own path as well.[17]

Neva and Royce

Neva unable to kill Royce

Royce also worked to reverse the Blood Covenant that had been placed on Neva, even though it would cause him immense pain. The process was top secret and hidden even from Neva herself, and required a Moonshade Flower and a Mountains Snow to be gathered.[18] It was successful, and Royce waited for Neva when she was given a mission by the Lord to take something from the royal treasury. Neva had been told to kill anyone who stood in her path, but found herself unable to follow through with killing Royce when she remembered his encouraging words to her before.[24]

Memory Tides - Royce and Neva

Royce with the unconscious Neva

The other men that had been accompanying Neva turned on both Neva and Royce when they saw that Neva wasn't going to complete the task. Royce moved Neva out of the way of a sword just in time, getting stabbed in the arm himself. As Neva fell unconscious and Royce felt the pain of reversing the Blood Covenant, he fought off the soldiers while calling again upon the secret royal army for backup.[24]

Royce took himself and Neva to safety in another room. There, the Lord projected themself onto the glass wall. Royce disagreed with their tactics, accusing them of lying to Neva and thinking of him like a kid. He stressed again that a person should choose their own fate rather than be controlled by someone who tries to run everyone's lives, and vowed to put a stop to them.[25]


Queen NanariEdit

Queen Nanari is Royce's older sister. While Royce cares for her and worries for her due to her illness, he feels suffocated by the high responsibilities he has had to assume since Nanari has been sick, so he ends up fleeing to Cicia despite Neva's best efforts.[16] He returns later in time to keep the kingdom stable, and when Nanari is not found during the rebellion, he has to take over the crown.[2][26]


She has served as Royce's bodyguard for nearly her entire life, but they have very different lives and personalities. As a child, she never spoke to him, only followed him around, which confused and intrigued Royce.[20] In the year 680, Royce generally disregarded Neva's attempts to get him to follow his duty as royalty of Lilith Kingdom. She accompanies him throughout Miraland during his travels, much to his dismay.[16] Despite this, Royce does trust Neva fully and cares about her.[11]

After Neva collapsed while protecting him once, Royce stayed with her every day while she recovered. However, when he saw a scar down her back, he reflected on the fact that he didn't really know her at all. After this, he took her out into the sunshine to talk to her and ask her questions about her past, though she didn't always answer.[20]


Royce befriended Nikki early in the story and thought highly of her styling talent, believing she could win the Fantasy Styling Contest. His belief in her was especially evident when he decided to subject her to several tests to know if she truly has the skills to help the Lilith Kingdom in the middle of a rebellion.[23]

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Royce
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 罗伊斯 (Luō yī sī, Royce)
Japanese Flag Japan ロイス (Royce)
Korean Flag South Korea 루이스 (Royce)
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Royce
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Royce


  • "Neva, this is the path I chose. Only in this way can I achieve what I want. And when I step on this road, I'll be true to my choice. [...] What about you, Neva? What is your dream? Is this the life you chose for yourself?"
    –Royce to Neva in Black White Puzzle

  • "It's tired to organize dressing matches. But I'm cured by Neva's gratified smile."
    — Royce's Diamond Postcard during Art of War.
  • "No more days to travel around lightheartedly. But fortunately I have Neva with me."
    — Royce's Diamond Postcard during Time Palace, posted from Lilith Royal City, Royal City Hall.

  • "May the letter arrive at you with flower and morning dew."
    — Royce's envelope.

  • "When avoiding a chase, the most important thing is not to make a disguise but misinformation."
  • "Beauty is always pleasing to the eye."

  • "Can you feel your heart bumping?"
    — using Smile.
  • "Beautiful girl, your pretty face is covered by your styling!"
    — using Critical Eye.


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