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Rosy Tour is a Story Suit that could be obtained via the Absurd Tale Event.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Shimmering Starry Night, Rosy Tour, Winter Ferret, Lights at Street Corner and 30 Diamonds.


  • Hair: Time and Tide
  • Dress: Snow Rose Psalm
  • Coat: Fantasy Preamble
  • Hosiery: Dream Poet
  • Shoes: Song of Star and Moon
  • Hair Ornament: Silent Snowy Night
  • Necklace: Rhythm of Light
  • Gloves: Time Guest
  • Waist: Rose Song
  • Makeup: Hope and Pray

Alternative Series (Pose)[]

  • Hair: Shimmering Starry Night
  • Dress: Rosy Tour
  • Foreground: Winter Ferret
  • Hair Ornament: Silent Snowy Night
  • Ground: Lights at Street Corner
  • Makeup: Hope and Pray

Alternative Series (Customization)[]

  • Hair: Time and Tide - Night
  • Dress: Snow Rose Psalm - Night
  • Coat: Fantasy Preamble - Night
  • Hosiery: Dream Poet - Night
  • Shoes: Song of Star and Moon - Night
  • Hair Ornament: Silent Snowy Night - Night
  • Necklace: Rhythm of Light - Night
  • Gloves: Time Guest - Night
  • Waist: Rose Song - Night


Item Descriptions[]

Like every spoiled girl, Tina had countless dreams about the future, her world was like a colorful candy wrapper.
Time and Tide

Tina's parents died in an accident, and her world collapsed. The house was silent in the twilight.
Snow Rose Psalm

No matter what happened, Tina could have sleep well at home. As she knew her parents would support her dream.
Fantasy Preamble

Tina drowned in the pain of losing the love of her life. She kept dreaming of her mother releasing her hands.
Dream Poet

She remembered the chitchat at the dining table, the once close warmth finally reduced to a distant phantom.
Song of Star and Moon

The girl's glass candy wrapper shattered. Turned out what she couldn't let go was the simple days with her parents.
Silent Snowy Night

Tina sorted her parents' belongings slowly but time suddenly became endless and she couldn't even finish one thing.
Rhythm of Light

In the drawer was a planned trip route diary. Father drew many cities on it and each page was full of entries.
Time Guest

They'd planned to travel together. But with her parents gone, it seemed like an old good dream no one cares about.
Rose Song

She saw unfamiliar sceneries, and at the greetings of kind passersby, she smiled - I had fulfilled our promise.
Hope and Pray

One night, Tina dreamed of her mother writing the diary. She stood carefully afar, hoping the dream to last longer.
Shimmering Starry Night

Tina returned home as her trip ended. In the mailbox was a stack of postcards, bearing witness to her rosy youth.
Rosy Tour

Tina decided to go on this journey alone with her parents' diary to all the places they planned on going to.
Winter Ferret

Tina kept a diary during her journey. As if she was writing to her parents, along with pictures as her thoughts
Lights at Street Corner

Nina made up her mind to travel because of the play 'Dream Travel'[1], which she shed tear for at its conclusion.
Time and Tide - Night

What happened to Flynn had always been on her mind. The past had gone and she wasn't ready yet for the future.
Snow Rose Psalm- Night

Life and death coexist. People chase one another in a loop. Dreams are merciful as it allows reliving good.
Fantasy Preamble - Night

That was when she realized she'd mature only if she let it go. She had more important tasks than licking wounds.
Dream Poet - Night

Everyone had things to do for the redemption of the soul, something that others might not understand.
Song of Star and Moon - Night

In order not to let Flynn and Orlando down, she shall become a better Nina by the end of this trip.
Silent Snowy Night - Night

Nina was determined that she'd work harder to enrich herself on the rest of her journey. A new day has dawned.
Rhythm of Light - Night

She believed that one day, she'd become the best designer. She'd try to reach higher place to better see the world.
Time Guest - Night

Maybe that's the meaning of journeys, meeting people. Happy or sad, we just go on our journey, hopeful.
Rose Song - Night


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See also: Nina.


[1] "Dream Travel" does not refer to the suit Dream Travel in this context. The suit name is different from the one mentioned in the description in the Chinese version of the game.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Rosy Tour N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Tournée Rosée Dew TourCT
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 瑰色羁旅 (guī sè jīlǚ) ???
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
瑰色羈旅 (guī sè jīlǚ) ???
Japanese Flag.png Japan 薔薇色の旅 (Barairo no Tabi) Rosy JourneyCT
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Rosa Agung Grand Rosa
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A